Candy Coat 198, 232 & 1023 - Swatches & Review

Friday, 13 March 2020

It has been quite some time since I have introduced any new brands to my blog and today that is going to change.  Today I have a new to me brand to share with you - Candy Coat.  They reached out to me to see if I was interested in trying some of their products.  I have been very selective lately with my swatching commitments but their Instagram appealed to me.  It is bright, and fun and full of pink things!  All the things I love so I said yes!  Which brings us to now.  I have three of their mini polishes to share with you.

198 is a bright pink creme.  Love the colour of this one.  It's gorgeous!  Of the three polishes I have this one definitely has the best formula.  It's easy to use and applies evenly.  I used two coats on my nails (with the exception of my index nail - that has three coats because I knocked it).

232 is a bright orange/red creme.  This is a fun colour but it's not a favourite of mine.  The formula is ok but leans a little sheer for my personal taste.  I would personally wear it over a white base.  For my swatch I used three coats with extra polish on the tips to remove the visible nail line.

1023 is a bright orange creme.  I love the colour of this one.  It is amazing!  The formula is a little tricky to work with.  It appears to dry quite quickly when you are applying it so it drags the polish a little.  But when it comes to waiting for it to dry it seemed to take ages.  It was very odd and not what I was expecting.  But I love the colour so I am totally willing to deal with the formula.  For my swatch I used two coats.

Overall, I quite like these polishes.  I love the colours (especially 1023 and 198), they are so vibrant and fun.  Formula wise they are ok, not the worst and not a favourite.  With that said neons do tend to have a trickier formula so I'll forgive them because the colours are worth it.  My bottles are mini sized but I am not 100% sure if these can be purchased in full size or not.  And the packaging is super cute and fun.  It's definitely on brand.

All of these polishes are available from Candy Coat.

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