Polish Envy Chameleon Polishes - Swatches & Review

Monday, 17 April 2017

Recently I was contacted by Polish Envy to see if I would like to swatch and review some of their Chameleon polishes.  I'm not sure if I have been living under a rock or something but I have never heard the term "chameleon" polishes, so naturally I was curious.  Could they be thermals?  Duochromes?  Multichromes?  Well, let's take a look.

As I really wasn't too sure how to describe these polishes I asked Tiffany (the owner of Polish Envy) for their polish descriptions.  Overall, Tiffany describes the chameleon polishes as polishes that change colour with movement and sunlight.  Each colour is said to have 3-4 different colours.  I think these polishes may be a little lost on me, because I really struggle to see 3-4 colours on each.  To me these polishes look like a base colour with a strong sheen/shimmer through it.  I didn't really notice any colour "changes" with the exception of one of the polishes.

The formula across these polishes is quite consistent.  They are all easy to use, but they are quite sheer.  I would say that they need a minimum of three coats, but the tips will see be quite see through.  I used four coats for the majority of my swatches and they are still see through at the tips in direct light.

Change Is Upon Us is said to have cyan, blue, red and purple colour changes in it.  This I thought was the most "opaque" (of the group.  I used three coats for my swatch.

I Can't Believe It's Not is golden, kelly green and blue.  My swatch shows four coats.

I Thought It Was Different is red, yellow, orange and olivine.  This one looks more like it could be a duochrome.  It doesn't seem the have that same shimmer/sheen through it like the others do.  My swatch shows four coats.

I'll Never Be The Same is green and red.  I used four coats for my swatch.

Overall,  I'm not a huge fan of these.  They don't really have the colour changes like I was expecting and they are too sheer for my personal taste.

These Chameleon Polishes are available now from  Polish Envy.

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