April 2017 Favourites

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Today is the last day of April which means that we are getting closer and closer to Winter and OMG it's getting so cold already.  I am not looking forward to Winter at all.  I'm jealous of everyone going into Spring/Summer.  Anyway, we aren't here to talk about the weather are we?  Let's talk about all the things that I have been loving this month.  April has been a massive month for me.  I have continued on with my daily blogging (I've been daily blogging since the beginning of the year - not that I really set the goal to that, it's just happened), I have swatched 106 polishes and done 35 nail art manis.  Those numbers may be a little off because so of the manis I may have done before this month started but I have also done some manis that are for next month's blog posts or random manis that I just haven't posted anywhere.  You can imagine that seems I have swatched a lot and done a lot of nail art that my favourites this month is going to be quite big.  I'm seriously going to struggle when it comes time to do my favourites at the end of the year.

Nail Art
I've tried really hard to cut back on the amount of nail art favourites but it's still quite big.  I'm really not sure how people can only pick 4-5 manis as their favourites.  Despite the weather being colder this month I have still been loving my bright and pastel colours.  And stamping!  I love stamping!

Stamping Plates
I have been playing with a fair few stamping plates with month and while I think there are some good plates the only ones that I am going to be adding to my favorites for the month are the three What's Up Nails stamping plates.  These are the first and only plates I have from What's Up Nails and I am so impressed.  The designs are great and quality is fantastic.  I definitely want to add more to my collection.  You can see the manis I did using these plates here.

Image from What's Up Nails
Image from What's Up Nails

Image from What's Up Nails
Indie Polishes
As I mentioned earlier I have done a lot of swatching this month, so naturally have come across some gorgeous polishes which have stolen my heart. 

Emily de Molly Limited Edition Creme Polishes
We all know that Emily de Molly is one of my favourite brands and that I love creme polishes, so when you have Emily de Molly making creme polishes you just know that they are going to land right here in my favourites post.  The colours are beautiful and the formulas are amazing!  You can find my original post here if you missed it.

Emily de Molly From Out Of Nowhere
Ok so this polish isn't exactly new, nor was it even released this year but I have only just gotten around to using it and I love it!

Powder Perfect Fatal Attraction Collection
Powder Perfect's Fatal Attraction Collection is gorgeous but there are two polishes in particular that I fell in love with - Dark Whispers and Linger.  Seriously gorgeous.  You can find more pictures of these polishes (and the others in the collection) along with my review here.

Mainstream Polishes
There have been a lot of mainstream releases this month, particularly from China Glaze.  China Glaze have had 4 different collections this month (or that's just when I got my hands on them - they weren't necessarily released this month). 

China Glaze Spring Pastels Collection
This is hands down my favourite mainstream release this month.  This collection is a perfect Spring Collection if you ask me.  You can find my original post on this collection here.

China Glaze Shades Of Nude Collection
Probably my second favourite collection that China Glaze released this month is the Shades Of Nude Collection.  I can see me grabbing for these polishes and a matte top coat all throughout these colder months.  After much back and forth I managed to narrow my favourites from this collection to these four polishes - Bourgeois Beige, Fresher Than My Clique, Head To Taupe and Minimalist Momma.  You can see my swatches and review of the full collection here.

China Glaze Summer Reign Collection
Now I was a bit disappointed with this collection as a whole (I was really hoping for something more along the lines of the Lite Brites Collection) but there are a couple of polishes that I love - All Glammed Up and Summer Reign (this polish is so much nicer in person than in my picture).  You can find my swatches and review of the Summer Reign Collection here.

Orly Coastal Crush Collection
Now this is a summer collection!  I'm going to say that the Coastal Crush Collection is my favourite Summer Collection so far.  The colours are fantastic.  My favourites from this collection are For The First Time, Summer Fling and Under The Stars.  You can find the original post here.

Your Favourites
This month it appears again that my favourite nail art manis are the same as yours.  There are a couple of different manis but the couple that are in my top nine most liked manis on Instagram were also in my favourites but I cut them as I thought I had too many.  Lol

The three most view blog posts this month are:

China Glaze is definitely a very popular brand on my blog.  It also seems to pop up in the most viewed/popular posts.  No complaints from me about that.  I love China Glaze polishes!

Anyway, that rounds up all the things that I have been loving for this month.  I have quite a few new things to play with in May so stay tuned for those.  

What polish have you been loving this month?


  1. Replies
    1. You did a lot of manis in April too. What are some of your favourite things you used? I love hearing what everyone has been loving. Gotta make sure I am not missing out on anything (new or old)

  2. Love your faves posts and can't believe how many swatches and nail art you did. It was literally double mine!! Which might explain how it's easier for me to pick only a couple of faves :)
    I'm please China Glaze are doing so well on your blog, they're always such fab posts to view but to be honest I love all your posts!! Have a great, if a tad chilly May! I wish I could say it's getting warm here but it's still cold and oddly so for this time of year.
    Vicky x

    1. Thank you Vicky. I am actually about to go and stalk your blog and play catch up. I have only done the quick reads when your posts hit my email but I haven't had a chance to sit and read them properly and comment. I love reading your blog and drooling over your swatches. And your nail art!!