Emily de Molly XL Stamping Plates (EDM35 - EDM38) - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 9 April 2017

Recently I was sent some epic nail mail from Emily de Molly with the creme polishes I shared with you the other day (you can see that post here) and four new XL stamping plates, EDM35 - EDM38.  Now I like to think that I stay up to date with Emily de Molly releases (my wallet definitely can't keep up) but somewhere along the lines Hayley released four new XL stamping plates.  You could imagine how embarrassed I was when I asked when these plates are being released to find out that they are already available.  Oops.  I really should double check the site to make sure I haven't missed anything else.  Anyway, that really is a whole other topic.  Let's talk about the new XL stamping plates.

Images from Emily de Molly
I quite like the mix of images on this plate.  It definitely leans more to the girly side of things with the Barbie heads and bows which is probably why I like it.  

Image from Emily de Molly
I could not go past this image.  It's just so pretty.  I thought it would look great over some of the new Emily de Molly cremes so I smoosh Eyes Only, Original Cindy and Borrowed Time.  Seriously love this mani. 

I'm not going to lie but I had no clue about these images on this plate.  I actually had to Google who Pedro was.  In case you are like me and have no clue either it's a Napoleon Dynamite thing.  Past that point I really have no clue about this.  

Image from Emily de Molly
I originally planned to do a mani using the heart and the "just listen to your heart" image except the wording is too big for my nails.  I then thought it would look cool to go with a simple black and white mani using the four heads.  Check out the details in these images?  These look more like something you would get on a decal not a stamping plate. 

This plate is definitely right up my alley.  These are the type of images that you can either go really simple with or do some form of fancy background.  Because this is an XL stamping plate I do lose a bit of the details on my nails.

Image from Emily de Molly
You guys may have already seen this mani - it's super bright so is a little hard to miss lol.  My base is one of the bonus polishes from the upcoming creme release by Emily de Molly called Swing Error.  I used the zig zag image for this mani but as you can see the image is quite large so you miss some of the detail of the zig zag.

I am a fan of this plate too.  I mean it's full of really pretty floral images.  I think this plate I would definitely need to shrink the images as again I lose a fair bit of detail on my nails.

Image from Emily de Molly
There is a little bit of  a story about this next mani.  I recently purchased all the new release polishes but the day they arrived was the same day I received surprise swatching mail.  I always prioritize swatching mail over purchases (which is why I still have things to swatch that I purchased last year).  So Hayley had managed to push her polishes down my "to swatch list" but I managed to sneak one in with this mani.  Yay!  I am dying to use the new polishes (there are some multichromes in there!).  My base is Emily de Molly The Descent.

As I mentioned, a lot of these images are a bit big for my nails, however I can definitely still use them as they are or even shrink the images if they have more detail.  All of the images I used pick up and transfer beautifully.

All four of these plates are available now from Emily de Molly's Australian site and their international site


  1. Gorgeous review and I love how you use stamping images. I've not get the flair and design creativity you have. I usually just stick an image over a base and am done!
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky. If you look really closely at all my manis you will see some very common themes in there. I'm like a one trick pony really and I am ok with that.