Pueen Lover Plate Collection Box II - Swatches & Review

Friday, 18 March 2016

Pueen have recently added to their Lover Plate Collection and I am so excited that they did.  Not only are these great quality plates, but I think they make a fantastic gift for someone new to stamping.  Each box comes with four rectangular plates and a sleeve for each plate, as well as a stamper and scraper.  Is there such thing as too many stampers?  I know I have a decent collection happening but for those of you who don't need any more stampers in your collection, the four plates in this box are also available individually.  Buy one or buy them all.  The choice is completely yours.  Shall we take a look at the plates now? 

Image from Pueen
Like with the first box these plates have four themes - Fairy Tale Lover, Fancy Lover, Geo Lover and Nature Lover.  I had no issues with picking up or transferring the images to my nails.  They are all etched really well.  I do find that these images are quite large so I loose a bit of the details, however they can always be shrunk.  I personally haven't really tried doing this before but I really should.

Image from Pueen

Mani done using Fairy Tale Lover 2

Image from Pueen

Mani done using Fancy Lover 2

Image from Pueen

Mani done using Geo Lover 2

Image from Pueen

Mani done using Nature Lover 2
I really like this collection of plates.  There are some really great designs and they stamp really well too.  I also love that each plate comes with a sleeve (it's a great storage option although I tend to store mine in folders but use the sleeves when traveling).  For those of you who missed it and are interested, I have previously shared Box I here on my blog (you can see this post here).

The Lover Plate Collection Box II is available from Pueen.  This collection can be purchased as a box set or you can also buy the plates individually. 


  1. These do look pretty fantastic and I love how you used them.