Uberchic Beauty Collection 28 Stamping Plates - Swatches & Review

Friday, 11 January 2019

Along with the Art Deco Elegance Stamping Plate (which I shared the other day) Uberchic Beauty have also added Collection 28 to their range of plates.  Twenty eight collections seems so crazy to me but I guess when you look at the fact that Uberchic have been around for four years now it doesn't seem that crazy at all.   I think I just have no concept of time.  Anyway, I am starting to ramble a little.  Let's take a look at Collection 28.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
This first plate has a few images that really grabbed my attention and knew that I would love them just as much on the nails.  Aside from the images that grabbed my attention I really like this plate.  There are some really cool and unique looking images on here.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
This was the very first image that grabbed my attention.  When I first saw it I didn't actually pay any attention to the fact that it was a layered image.  I was going to just lead let the flower.  Luckily, I realized before doing my nails because I love how this mani turned out.  For my base I used Emily de Molly Bright Retreat and stamped using Dance Legend Pink Stamping Polish and Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

This next layered image was another one that grabbed my attention and I knew I had to use it.  I'm so glad that I did because this is another mani that I love!  For my base I sponged on Pretty Serious Cosmetics Fluffykins, Cutie Patootie, Little Duckling, Bunny Foo-Foo, Peachie Poo and Doodle Bug, and stamped using Hit The Bottle Snowed In! and Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

I really like the images on this next plate.  I love the star images and the floral images in particular, as well as the zig zag like images (forth row down on the left hand side).

Image from Uberchic Beauty
I honestly was going to use one of those zig zag like images first but I really felt like doing a dry brush mani and this image felt like the perfect choice.  I am so glad I used it because I love how this turned out.  For my base used Emily de Molly Bright Retreat, I dry brushed using Color Club East Austin and Modern Pink and stamped using Powder Perfect Black Stamping Polish.

I know this star image is meant to be layered but I really love the look of it by itself.  I had originally planned on using completely different colours for this mani but it occurred to me that I have been using lots of pinks, oranges and purples lately so I need to switch it up.  So I went for blues.  For my base I used OPI Sailing And Nailing, No Room For The Blues and Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic, and I stamped using Hit The Bottle Snowed In!

This plate is a little meh to me.  Apart from the four images in the bottle right corner and the floral-ish image in the top right, I'm not sure I really care for the images on this plate.  That being said, I'm sure if I used them or saw some manis using them I would quickly change my mind.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
As much as I think these images would look amazing with a colourful background (like a gradient) I wasn't quite read to take off Emily de Molly LE 114 and I thought that this image would like nice over it.

I've been loving bright manis again lately so I naturally gravitated towards the neons in my China Glaze drawer.  It's something I do on a regular basis and I'm not mad about it at all.  For my base I used China Glaze That's Shore Bright, Purple Panic, Thistle Do Nicely and Orly Road Trippin.  I stamped using Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish.

I think there are some amazing images among these plates, and I have definitely done some favourite manis using these plates.  I am definitely excited to play with these plates some more.  I had no issues with how any of these images picked up and transferred to the nails.

Collection 28 is available now from Uberchic Beauty.


  1. Oh my goodness! There's just something about a layerable plate that gets me excited. I think I may need these in my life.

    1. I'm a huge fan of layered images too! I highly recommend this collection.