OPI Metamorphosis Collection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Funny story - I actually thought that I had already posted the OPI Metamorphosis Collection.  I grabbed out my computer to edit some swatches of a new Grace-full Nail Polish collection and I realized that I still had these OPI swatches sitting waiting for me.  That being said, I had actually planned on posting these last Sunday and for some unknown reason I had marked that the post was done.  I have absolutely no idea why (or when) I did that but I definitely didn't do a post - because there were no pictures to go with it.  Anyway, today I have the new (well newish) OPI Metamorphosis Collection.  This is a limited edition collection which features six glitter toppers.

To save myself some time (and to save you reading the same things over and over) I have done one coat over black for each of my swatches.  All polishes apply really easily and there is no fishing or placement required, especially with those bigger glitter pieces. 

Butterfly Me To The Moon is a pink/purple shimmer with larger blue glitter pieces.  I absolutely love this one.  It is easily my favourite from this collection.

Can't Be Camouflaged is a yellow, green and blue shimmer with some larger green glitters.   I think that this is such a pretty topper.  I really like it over the black base.

Ecstatic Prismatic is a lilac and green shimmer with larger green glitters.  I do quite like this one too.

Metamorphically Speaking is a light gold and green shimmer with silver glitter pieces.

This Changes Everything! is a gold, purple and blue shimmer with large gold glitter pieces.  This one definitely is more dense with the shimmer than the other polishes.

You Little Shade Shifter is a blue and purple (maybe green or gold) shimmer with large blue glitters.  This one is so pretty too!

I love these glitter toppers.  I think they are all so pretty and sparkly.  I am excited to try them over some other colour bases....and with a matte top coat!  I think these would look so good mattified.  I also want to try using them in some nail art.  Sadly, time was not on my side to get that done before this post.

What do you think of glitter toppers?  Love them?  Hate them?  Let me know.

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