The Digit-al Dozen Is Inspired By Each Other - Kimett Kolor

Friday, 18 May 2018

I can't believe that it is the last day of the Digit-al Dozen Is Inspired By Each Other.  This has definitely been a fun week.  I have liked going through the Instagram feeds of all the girls.  They do some amazing manis - some that I would love to have on my nails but I don't have the skills (especially for those of you who free hand everything - I bow down to your greatness!).  

Today's mani is one by the awesome Kim (Kimett Kolor).  I love how simple yet awesome this mani looks!

Image from Kimett Kolor
This mani doesn't photograph as well as I was hoping.  I promise you can see they tip of the black better in person.  For this mani I used Pretty Serious Cosmetics Absence and Emily de Molly Insipid.


  1. These are really gorgeous!! That EdM polish is stunning. I remember really enjoying wearing mine and I can totally imagine yours too. ;)

    1. Thanks Kim. I love how yours photographed. I can only imagine how awesome they would be in person <3