January 2021 Favourites

Sunday, 31 January 2021

Welcome to my first favourites post of 2021!  January has definitely gone way too quickly.  I really still feel like we have only just started 2021.  It's been quite an interesting start but hoping things start to settle down again.  I definitely would like more of a regular routine.  It has been great getting back into blogging again.  I have managed to be quite active (well definitely not as active as I was in 2017 - that was basically daily blogging) but definitely a lot more than in 2020.  Anyway, with more blogging means more favourites!  So let's take a look at all the things I have loved in January.

Nail Art
This month I took on the first nail art challenge that I have done since.... September 2018!  I had to look that up.  Wow!  I didn't realise it had been that long.  Anyway, I have failed my way through this one but I did manage to do four out of the five prompts so it's a good start.  These are the two manis that I have loved this month.

Nail Polish
Last year while I was taking a little time off blogging I was having fun re wearing some of my older polishes which partly inspired me to start a new series - Swatch My Stash.  I also took it as a bit of an opportunity to post some of the really old swatches I have had sitting on my computer for ages.  Because I have posted them this month I will include them in today's post but I will probably skip over them for the end of year favourites.

Mainstream Polishes
These mainstream polishes are all older polishes and have been in my collection for many years now.  But they were posted this month (and I haven't played with any new mainstream brands) so it's nice to include them in my favourites - especially seems these are polishes that I have worn quite a few times over the years.

A England Merlin
I'm not entirely sure if A England sit as a mainstream or as an indie.  They sit in that grey area like Picture Polish and Dance Legend.  Anyway, Merlin is such a simple yet stunning polish that I have worn a lot since I got it.  Mainly as an accent nail but I have worn it a couple of times as a full mani.

Color Club East Austin
This is by far one of my all time favourite polishes from Color Club.  I have both the regular formula and the "one coat" formula and have gone through multiple bottles over the years.  I want to say that this is one of my most worn polishes on my toes.  I love it!

Indie Polishes
Oh my indies - how I love them.  I love them so much that I have had to go and buy yet another Alex drawer unit to fit them in.  A little crazy - maybe but there are just so many good polishes and we all know that there will be more coming!

Emily de Molly Black Friday Polishes
This was a massive polish to write (and to swatch) and I love the polishes.  Could I narrow down the favourites a little?  Probably but I'm not going to do that today.  That can be Future Tracy's job.

Emily de Molly Insipid
I have no clue when this polish was actually released but I know that it was a few years ago now.  I also know that I have already used about a quarter of the bottle and kinda wished that I purchased a back up bottle.

Emily de Molly Valentine's Trio
Moving into some more recent polishes - LOVE this year's Valentine's trio.  They are all so pretty and sparkly!  Everyone needs sparkly nails!

Grace-full Nail Polish Crystal Shifts (Polish Pick Up January 2021)
I think this was the first purchase of mine for 2021 (and definitely not the last) and OMG!  I am obsessed!  This polish is seriously magical and so much better in person than in pictures.  

Powder Perfect Fog Is Rolling In
Powder Perfect is definitely the greatest loss to the polish world.  Their polish was amazing!  And still is.  I still love my drawer full of the pretties.  I mean look at how gorgeous Fog Is Rolling In is?  So in love.

That brings us to the end of my January favourites.  Next month there is quite a few new goodies coming out from the indie girls - so there will be some new posts coming.  I also plan on continuing on with the Hit The Bottle nail art challenge and I am kinda debating whether or not to do another nail art challenge.  I guess we will see what happens.

Let me know some of the things you have been loving this month.  I'm curious to know.

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