Color Club Whatever Forever Collection - Comparisons

Friday, 5 April 2019

If you may not be aware I am a huge fan of neon polishes.  I also really love pastel polishes.  If you put the two together then you just know that I am going to fall in love and that is exactly what I did with the new Color Club Whatever Forever Collection.  I swatched and reviewed this collection here if  you missed and I thought it would be good to put together some comparisons.  Before we jump in I will point out that because these polishes are so bright they do freak my camera out so it does make some of the polishes look closer in colour than what they appear in person.  I have done my best to make sure they are accurate as possible.

Color Club Anything But Basic vs Color Club Under The Blacklight vs China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener
There are no dupes between these polishes.  The China Glaze polish is the closest in colour, however it is not as bright and is a deeper colour.  Of the three polishes Anything But Basic has the best formula.  It applies evenly and is opaque in two coats.  The other two polishes apply unevenly and need three coats.

Color Club Can You Not vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Dollface vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Cutie Patootie
Again, no dupes here.  Dollface is more blue toned, and Cutie Patootie is a lot darker and dull looking in comparison.  In terms of formula, they are all great and all opaque in two coats.

Color Club First Class Sass vs Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Peachie Poo
Clearly no dupes here.  Formula wise First Class Sass and Peachie Poo are similar, and Hot-Hot-Hot Pants is the worst.  I did use three coats for all polishes, although I should have used a fourth coat for Hot-Hot-Hot Pants.  Doing this comparison in particular reminded me why I don't use the original Color Club Neon Pastels much.

Color Club Girl Gang vs Color Club Diggin' The Dancing Queen vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Poppet
There are no dupes here but Poppet is pretty close in colour - Poppet is slighter darker in colour and has a slightly different tone to it.

Color Club I'm Outta Here vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Bunny Foo Foo vs China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle
No dupes between these three either.  Bunny Foo Foo is a much lighter colour and Too Yacht To Handle is darker.  It's hard to tell with my picture but the difference is obvious in person.  I used two coats for I'm Outta Here and Bunny Foo Foo and three coats for Too Yacht To Handle.

Color Club It's All About The Attitude vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Smoochie
These aren't exact dupes but they are soooo similar that it's probably not worth having both.  The formulas are both great and are opaque in two coats.

Color Club Like A Boss vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Little Duckling
No dupes here.  Little Duckling is lighter and not as bright.  Formula wise Like A Boss is better.

Color Club Talk To The Hand vs China Glaze Sun Of A Peach
No dupes with these polishes, but this is one that you may not need both of.  Formula wise Talk To The Hand is better - it applies evenly and is opaque in two coats, where Sun Of A Peach is a little patchy and needs three coats.

Color Club Totally Worth It vs Color Club Feathered Hair Out To There vs Pretty Serious Cosmetics Fluffykins
Again, no dupes.  Fluffykins is the brightest of these three and has the best formula (it's opaque in two coats).  Totally Worth It and Feathered Hair are both three coats.

That wraps up my comparisons.  I honestly love the Color Club Whatever Forever Collection and think that if you love bright polishes then it is definitely worth grabbing, as there aren't any exact dupes.

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  1. This is super helpful - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! (I guess I *do* need the polish I was thinking I had a dupe for. lol)