Hit The Bottle Double Shot Stamper - Swatches & Review

Monday, 30 October 2017

Anyone who stamps (or has tried stamping) knows how important a good stamper is.  Finding a stamper that works for you can be quite the challenge.  I personally have been through so many stampers over the years.  I've had firm stampers (they definitely don't work for my curved nails), ones that require priming (or simply don't pick up anything no matter what you do), sticky ones......really the list just goes on and on.  The newest, and definitely a favourite of mine is Hit The Bottle Double Shot Stamper.

The Double Shot Stamper looks quite similar to the Big Bling Stamper that people rave about (and yes I am one of those people) but the Double Shot stamper has one big difference - it has two heads!  Both heads are the same size, are quite squishy so are perfect for my curved nails and don't require any priming.  

What is the benefit of having two heads you ask?  Well there are a few benefits.  If you make decals you automatically have two stamper heads.  You have the option of using the larger end for manis that require precise placement/layering and the smaller side for other sorts of manis.  Most simply, you can save one of the heads for when the other wears out (transparent stampers are quite fragile in comparison to other stampers).

This is one of the manis that I have done using the Double Shot Stamper.  For my base I used Color Club French Tips and stamped using Hit The Bottle High Voltage Violet, I Pink Therefore I Am and Orange You Excited.  Stamping design is from Lina Nail Art Supplies I Foil In Love 01 (which you can also get from Hit The Bottle - it's like a one stop stamping shop).

If you are in the market for a new (and very pretty) stamper then I highly recommend the Double Shot Stamper.  I haven't had any issues with the plates or polishes that I have used. This is definitely going to be a go to stamper for me.
The Double Shot Stamper is available now from Hit The Bottle.

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