Dance Legend Step (Part) Collection - Swatches & Review

Sunday, 15 October 2017

It has been ages since I have shared some of the Dance Legend polishes that I received but I am slowly making my way through swatching them.  Today I have two of the polishes from the Step range.  This range of polishes are gel polishes that do not require a lamp to cure them.  There is quite a range of colours and Dance Legend have now introduced another twelve polishes!  Definitely a lot of gorgeous shades to chose from.

1 is described as a white-toned light pink crème with a drop of beige in the undertone.  The colour is beautiful.  I actually wore this one for a couple of days.  This polish does apply unevenly on the first coat but evens out on the second.  I did find this polish to be quite slow drying but I am not sure if that is because I used a regular base coat and not the base coat from the Step range.  My swatch shows two coats.

11 is described as a grey-mauve crème with a slight pink undertone.  This is such a nice colour.  I am a big fan.  The formula is easy to use and is opaque in two coats.

Both of these are great colours and have easy to use formulas.  These are meant to be gel like polishes, but as I change my polish regularly I can't comment too much on their wear time.  I didn't have any tip wear or chips when I wore either of this.

The Step Polishes are available now from Dance Legend.

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