Dance Legend Thermal Polishes - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

I have recently been converted to the thermal band wagon (yes I know I am late to the party - but better late than never right?).  Luckily for me, Dance Legend have released some new thermal nail polishes and I was sent two of them to review.

3 Blind Side is a thermal polish that is a neutral pinkish beige (when warm) turns to a dusty grey-purple (when cold).  It also contains fine silvery grey shimmer and larger pink flakes.  I found that the colour shift of this one is quite subtle.  It looks more obvious in my picture than it does in person.  The formula is good and it is easy to apply.  It does dry matte.  My swatch shows two coats.

Warm state (no top coat)

Transition (no top coat)

Transitioning (with top coat)

Warm state


Cold state
9 Fly By Night is a thermal polish that is a bright raspberry (when warm) and becomes a dark purple (when cold).   The multi coloured shimmer is clearly visible both in warm and cold states.  This is probably my favourite of the two.  It has a better colour transition.  The formula is easy to use but it is slightly on the sheer side.  I used three coats for my swatch.

Cold state

Starting to transition


Warm state
This aren't bad thermals but they definitely aren't my favourite.  The formulas are good and easy to use and they do transition well with the change in temperatures.

These thermals are available from Dance Legend


  1. I'm a little unsure about where I stand with thermals, I love the effect but wearing them means they mostly stay in their warm state &usually the cold state is prettier, plus im not a fan of having cold hands. You wear them so well though, these swatches are incredible.
    Vicky x

    1. Thanks Vicky. I wasn't a fan of thermals originally (mainly because you don't know what you are going to get with them at any given time) but I have come around to it. Maybe because our weather has been a little up and down so the transition nicely. It's kinda fun.