Charlie's Nail Art Supplies Glitter Dots - Swatches & Review

Monday, 16 April 2018

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have all had a good weekend.  We had a nice and relaxing one (it's been really cold and wet here - Winter is definitely just around the corner).  Today I have something a little different for you.  I was scrolling through Instagram a little while back when I saw some really cute glitter mixes from Charlie's Nail Art Supplies.  I had originally planned on just grabbing a couple but then I couldn't decide which ones to get so I grabbed them all.  You can't have too much glitter can you?  I don't think so.

There are a total of twelve glitter dot mixes available and each sort comes in a tiny zip lock bag with a pink card/brand logo attached.  To be honest I was quite surprised that these were in zip lock backs.  I was honestly expecting them just to be in clear bags held together by a staple.  I think using the glitters in the zip lock bags could be a little tricky so I have moved all of mine into little containers with screw top lids (just cheap ones from eBay).  There is a great amount of glitters in each of the bags.  You will definitely get a lot of manis from these.  

Before jumping into the manis that I have done, let's take a look at the mixes that are available.  I did take these pictures while they were still in the zip lock bags, so I do apologize for the glare etc on some of these pictures.

1. Barbie is a mixture of hot pink, black and white matte dots in various sizes.

2. Hot Chocolate is a mix of metallic purple, iridescent blue and mocha bronze dots in various sizes.

3. Allsorts is a mix neon pinks, yellow, purple, black and iridescent dots in various sizes and finishes.

4.  Blueberry is a mix of iridescent blue, matte purple and black glitters in various sizes.

5.  Girls World is a mix of metallic and iridescent pink and purple dots in various sizes.

6. Amber is a mix of burnt orange, matte white and black dots in various sizes.

7. Monochrome is a mix of black and white matte dots in various sizes.

8.  Bubblegum is a mix of iridescent and metallic pink, purple and lilac dot in various sizes.

9.  Witches Potion is a mix of matte purple, green and black dots in various sizes.  This one will be perfect for Halloween.

10.  Sweetie Pie is a mix of matte pink, purple and black dots in various sizes.

11.  Carnival is a mix of iridescent and metallic yellow, pink and blue dots.

 12. Marigold is a mix of matte white, gold and yellow dots in various sizes.

I have done 2 different types of manis using some of the mixes.

For the first mani I did a full mani of glitter placement using Allsorts.  I am a big fan of the mix of colours in this one.  For my base I used Color Club French Tips.

For this next mani I was just going for something a little more simple - an accent nail with a simple black glitter dot on the other nails.  Polish used is Essie's Blue-La-La.

I really like the mix of a lot of these glitters.  There are some great colour combinations.  I am impressed with the amount of glitter you get in each bag (I believe there is about 2g) and that they come in a zip lock bag which is great of easy storage and it creates less mess in transit.  Bubblegum and Girl's World are very similar so you probably don't need both.

All of these glitters are still available from Charlie's Nail Art Supplies.

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