Favorite Mainstream Polishes 2016

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

To wind up the end of this year I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of my favorite things.  I had originally planned on doing some of these posts at the end of last year, however I was travelling and lacked internet and time.  But not this year.  I am organized and excited to share some of my favorites with you over the next few days - starting with my favorite mainstream polishes.  To make things fair (and to make it easier on me lol) I have decided to only include polishes that were released this year.  I had such a hard time picking my favorites but I have managed to pick my top twenty.  These aren't in any particular order because that would just be way to hard (have I mentioned that I really struggle making decisions especially when it comes to things like favorites?).  Enough babbling Tracy, show them your picks!

It may come as no surprise that I have a bunch of China Glaze polishes in my favorites for the year.  They are definitely one of my favorite brands ever.  My personal favorite collection that they released this year was the Lite Brites Collection, which I am guessing was a lot of peoples favorite seems the two posts I did on this collection are my most viewed blog posts ever!

Bite Me from the Lite Brites Collection.  Such a gorgeous colour and I love the shimmer in it.  Gives it a little something extra from your standard pink neon.

Dope Taupe from the Rebel Collection.  This is one of my favorite colours to wear during the cooler weather plus the formula is amazing. 

I Got A Blue Attitude from the Lite Brites Collection.  Is it blue?  Is it purple?  Whatever you want to call it, the colour and formula are amazing!  I actually want to reswatch this one as the camera I was using then hated purples and blurples.

I'll Pink To That is another I love from the Lite Brites Collection.  Seriously, neon pink - what isn't there to love?

Let's Chalk About It from the House Of Colour Collection.  I had a huge thing for these really light shades this year.  There is something about them that just seem so fresh, if that makes sense.

Lime After Lime is from the Lite Brites Collection.  Did I mention that this collection was a favorite of mine?  This green is not only a great colour on its own but I grabbed it a lot for nail art.

Moonlight The Night is another favorite of mine from the House Of Colour Collection.  When it comes to glitters I tend to favor indie polishes but I love this one.  It just so pretty and is unique in my collection.

None Of Your Risky Business is another favorite from the Lite Brites Collection.  This polish is easily my go to orange polish for this year, especially when it comes to nail art.

Dance Legend
I was able to try quite a few different polishes from Dance Legend this year.  A few of my all time favorites weren't actually released this year so I wasn't able to include them.   However, there was one stand out polish that I couldn't not include in my favorites.

11 from the Velvet Mini Collection.  This polish is drool worthy!  

OPI is another brand favorite for me, so again it will be no surprise that I have quite a few of their polishes in my favorites for this year.  OPI have released a lot of great collections this year.  If I had to pick my favorite collections I would say that Alice Through The Looking Glass, Retro Summer, Soft Shades, New Orleans, Washington DC and Breakfast At Tiffany's collections would be in there.  I know I just listed a lot of collections, but seriously OPI did some amazing collections.  I am excited to see what they have in store for us next year.

Apartment For Two from the Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection.  Great pink that isn't too dark or two bright and the formula is amazing.

Fearlessly Alice from the Alice Through The Looking Glass collection.  Gorgeous colour with an amazing formula.  Love it!

I Believe In Manicures is another one from the Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection.  I have always loved these lighter blue shades and this one is perfection.

I Manicure For Beads from the New Orleans Collection.  It really is no surprise that I have a purple creme in my line up of favorites.  The colour is gorgeous and it's so close to being a one coater.  How can I not love it?

I'm Gown For Anything is yet another one from the Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection.  For such a light colour this formula is fantastic and just look at the colour.  It's a nice soft colour without it looking white (not that that is a bad thing - I quite like those polishes too).

Rich & Brazilian is from the Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection.  This is a perfect winter shade for me.  It's not too dark that it just looks black and the shimmer is really pretty.

Rich Girls & Po-Boys is from the New Orleans Collection.  I have actually worn this quite a few times this year (although I may not have posted it?) and just love it every time.  It's a gorgeous bright colour without being over the top and the formula is awesome.

Sunshine...Bedtime! is another one from the Breakfast At Tiffany's Collection.  Now I know you may be thinking that this glitter isn't unique, and honestly it's not.  I am sure I have something very similar already in my collection.  However, it was released this year and I do love it!  It's super sparkly and girly. 

The I's Have It is from the Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection.  Have I mentioned that I really like this collection?  The colour is gorgeous and the formula is great.

I'm not to sure if Orly didn't release a lot of collections this year, or perhaps I just didn't buy them all.  There was definitely some good polishes but nothing that I really fell head over heels for (with the exception of one).  My favorite collection from Orly would have to the Pacific Coast Highway Collection.  I mean it's a neon collection, how could I not love it?

Scenic Route is from the Pacific Coast Highway Collection and is a super close to being the same colour as one of my favorite purple polishes ever - China Glaze That's Shore Bright (the original version).  It's not a dupe but it is close enough and a lot closer than the new version of That's Shore Bright.  You can see my comparison of these polishes here.

Sally Hansen
Sally Hansen is a brand that I don't have a lot of in my collection, however I am really keen to add more to my collection.  I was lucky enough to try my first ever polishes from the Complete Salon Manicure range and I fell in love.  I actually had most of the Spring Collection out of my drawers when trying to decide my favorites.  Sadly, there were a few other polishes from other brands that I loved the colour of just a little bit more.

Crush On Blue is from the Complete Salon Manicure Spring Collection.  These cornflower blues are easily one of my favorite types of blues ever and the formula of this one is perfection!

So that is my Top Twenty mainstream polishes that were released this year.  Now while I couldn't pick one of these polishes as part of my Top Twenty I couldn't not include the Color Club Pop Wash Collection.  I have used them time and time again for nail art and honestly love the colours and the formulas.  They aren't something I would wear on their one or as a full mani but they are perfect for nail art!

I'm curious to know what are some of your favorite mainstream polishes were that were released this year?  Or even some of your favorite collections.  Let me know in the comments below and leave a link to any favorite blog posts/videos you have done. I would love to check them out.  Tomorrow I will be back with my favorite Indie polishes from this year.


  1. Thanks for this round up, looking forward to tomorrow's post...

    1. Thanks Chiara. What were some of your favorite polishes this year?

  2. These are are all wonderful!! I really loved several of the colors from the Sinful Colors TrendMatters (Kylie) line especially the texture polishes.

    1. Oh I have been meaning to try some of those! I'll have to go on the hunt for some. Any particular ones I should grab?

  3. As soon as I clapped eyes on the Lite Brites collection from China Glaze, I knew I had to have several polishes from it. Unfortunately I only came away with 1 of them (What I Like About Blue) in the end, but it's one of my favourite polishes of 2016.

    1. What I Like About You is a gorgeous polish! If I wasn't limiting myself to 20 polishes then I probably would have added it this post :)