Emily de Molly XL Stamping Plates (EDM30 - EDM34) - Swatches & Review

Friday, 2 December 2016

It is absolutely no secret that I am a huge fan of Emily de Molly.  I'm pretty sure I rave about them in all of my blog posts.  It is very safe to say that they are one of my favorite brands, and has been for years.  I was actually very shocked when Hayley messaged me asking if I would like to swatch and review some of her new XL stamping plates.  I'm not going to lie, I nearly said no - but not because I don't like her plates.  Purely because I was worried I would do a horrible job.  Luckily for me, I managed to pluck up the courage to say yes and here we are!  Warning: this post is quite picture heavy. 

Emily de Molly have added five new XL stamping plates to their range.  Each plate is approximately 12cm x 6cm, has a white backing and a blue protective film.  Four of the plates have fifteen full sized nail designs (my favorite type) and one plate is a mix of full sized images and individual images.  I have zero issues picking up and transferring the images onto my nails.


Image from Emily de Molly
What girl doesn't love diamonds?  This plate is definitely a great way to add some "bling" to your nails.  For my first mani I used Essie Shades On and In The Cab-ana and stamped using EDM's White Stamping Polish.  I quite like this image as it doesn't necessarily scream diamonds to me.

When I first saw this plate I knew I had to use this image, however my original plan for it was completely different.  I changed my mind after swatching EDM All The Feelings (worn over EdM Emmy).  I think this was the perfect polish for the diamonds!


Image from Emily de Molly
I really wasn't 100% sure where to even begin with this plate, so I worked backwards.  I picked the polish (EdM Folklore - which surprisingly was an untried for me and it's gorgeous!) and then did some double stamping using EdM's black and white stamping polishes.

I had a few different ideas for this last image, however they didn't look anything like what I had hoped.  I then went for a simple black and white mani and seriously fell in love.  Rather than having the image stamped the same way on all of my nails I switched the way it faced.


Image from Emily de Molly
There is something about this plate that just screams neon to me.  I seriously have no idea why, but if it says neon then who am I to argue?  For the first mani I sponged on Orly's Road Trippin, Push The Limit, Put The Top Down and Scenic Route and then stamped using EdM's black stamping polish.

Now slight disclaimer with this next mani.  This one actually looks much better in person.  My camera completely freaked out with this.  Anyway, I think this vine/leaf image would look great in a pond mani.  Polishes used are OPI Alpine Snow (as my base), EdM Green Sheer Tint and white stamping polish.


Image from Emily de Molly
This plate is my favorite of these five plates.  I think the images are are interesting and really think that they would make a great black and white accent nail.  Surprisingly, I didn't do that for either of my swatches.  For the first mani I used EdM Plan B and stamped using EdM Rose Gold Stamping Polish.

This next mani is probably one of my favorite manis I have done using these plates.  For my radial gradient I used China Glaze Feel The Breeze, Bottoms Up and Purple Panic and stamped using EdM Black Stamping Polish.

Image from Emily de Molly
This is another plate where I struggled to pick which designs I wanted to use first.  There are some really interesting designs on here.  Again, I went for a simple chrome and black mani using China Glaze I'd Melt For You and EdM Black Stamping Polish.

And the last mani (which I am still wearing - I am currently on day two and still in love) I used China Glaze That's Shore Bright, Purple Panic, Flip Flop Fantasy and Daisy Know My Name? and stamped using EdM Black Stamping Polish.

There are definitely some fantastic images among these plates and they all stamp beautifully. 

All five of these plates are available from Emily de Molly's Australian site and their international site.


  1. You should never doubt your skills Tracy & grab every opportunity that comes your way. These swatches are amazing & your stamping ability is brilliant! I'm always so impressed & love every design.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thanks Vicky. You always have the nicest things to say. xx

  2. I really love what you did with these plates. Using mostly full size images really allows the polish to shine through also. Just excellent!