Favorite Indie Polishes 2016

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Today I have my Top Twenty-something indie polishes from this year.  Now I say Twenty-something because I have managed to narrow my picks to twenty one polishes that were released plus there is a few favorites which I need to include, however they weren't actually released.  Like with yesterday's favorite mainstream post, I have only picked polishes that were released this year and that I have actually tried.  One of my pet peeves is when people include things in their favorites that they haven't even tried.  I did try my best to swatch and wear everything I purchased but there just wasn't enough time.  Sadly, there are a few polishes that most likely would have made it into this post but can't because I haven't worn them yet.  I'm sorry my pretties!  I will wear you I promise.  Right, now onto my top picks for Indie polishes this year.  Again, these aren't in any particular order because ranking them is just way too hard.

Emily de Molly
Emily de Molly has been a favorite brand of mine for years and given the polishes Hayley has come out with this year it is safe to say that she continues to be one of my favorite indie brands ever!

All The Feelings is a polish that was only recently released.  It's such a gorgeous topper which I think will look amazing over so many different polishes.  You can see my blog post about this polish here.

Flatline is the first holographic polish that came to mind when I started thinking about "favorite holos".  I mean it's a purplely colour and the holo is super strong.  How can I not love it?  I really need to wear it when the sun is out and do a proper swatch.  You can see my actual review of this polish here.

From Out Of Nowhere is an awesome multichrome polish.  Now I am pretty sure that this polish hasn't made it into a blog post just yet but it will be coming next year (that sounds so weird saying that but next year is really only days away now).

Gold Light Of Day is a Femme Fatale Cosmetics Exclusive.  It's gorgeous, what else can I say?  You can see more pictures and a review here.

LE38 is straight up amazing!  My bottle has separated and looks a little scary but it shakes back together perfect.  The colour of this one is amazing and so is the formula.  I have worn it a few times now and probably will keep on wearing it.  You can check out more swatches of this beauty here.

Quest For Immortality is hands down on of my favorite polishes that Emily de Molly have ever made.  I mean just look at it?  I even have a whole blog post dedicated to this polish!  There are a tonne of pictures here if you want to see more.

Savvy Trinkets is my last and certainly not least favorite from EdM this year.  There is something magical about these foily polishes of Hayley's that make me fall in love.  Pictures really just don't do this polish justice.  You can see the blog post with this polish here.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics
If you have been following me for sometime then you will know that Femme Fatale Cosmetics use to be one of my all time favorite indie brands.  Sadly, this year it has slipped down my list and I no longer collect ALL the Femme Fatales.  I do purchase a few every now and again and a couple of their polishes have made it into my favorites for the year.  

Cabin Fever is actually the first polish I purchased after I decided to stop buying all the Femme Fatale.  There is just something so unique and interesting about it that I couldn't not have it and it did not disappoint.  You can check out more pictures of it here.

Evil Queen was a limited edition polish that was released as part of the Enchanted Fables Collection (you needed to buy the full collection to get this polish).  I am so happy that I grabbed to full collection.  This polish is amazing!

Grace-full Nail Polish
Grace-full Nail Polish have been on fire this year.  Theresa (despite being unwell) has made some gorgeous collections this year (my personal favorite collections are the Christmas Memories and True Blue Collections) and some of the most amazing flakie polishes.  I think they make up a big proportion of my favorites. 

Blood Countess is the amazing flakie that came from the Revamp Of The Vampire Collection.  It's just pure squishy, flakie goodness!

Bondi Beach is one of my favorites from the True Blue Collection.  It really does have that ocean feel about it.  My pictures really don't do it justice.  

Eternal Sunset was released as a Hella Holo Customs Exclusive.  It's purple, has flakies and holo - seriously this is definitely my type of polish.

Grown Up Christmas Tree from the Christmas Memories Collection is yet another flakie favorite of mine and I am not even a big green person.  There are just so many colours happening within this polish and the formula is awesome.

Jacaranda Tree is another favorite of mine from the True Blue Collection.  I mean look at that colour?  So in love!  My pictures definitely don't do it justice at all.  It's more holo than it appears in the picture below too.

Lake Town is one of the multichrome polishes from the Going On An Adventure Trio.  This one was hands down the favorite from this collection and it's multichrome.  Who does not love a multichrome polish?  They are so fun to wear.

Rainbow Sparkler is from the Rainbow Sparklers Collection.  I'm pretty sure that this polish has every colour of flakie made in it.  Team it with a black base and it's heaven!  So much love for this one.

Powder Perfect
2016 has been a really exciting year for Powder Perfect.  Not only have their released some gorgeous polishes but they have also introduced stamping polishes and stamping plates to their line up.  I'm going to skip over those for now but will come back to them in the next couple of days.  Today is all about polishes.

Contested Crown is from the Antique Princess Duo which is a store exclusive for Mei Mei Signatures.  I am actually a huge fan of both of the polishes from this duo but Contested Crown is just a little bit more of a me colour.  I think this one is quite unique and interesting.

Puerto Rico is hands down one of my favorite purple cremes that was released this year.  The colour is absolutely stunning and has been worn a lot.  I am actually a big fan of all of the creme polishes from the Bermuda Trio.  Powder Perfect do great cremes!

Rainbow Dragon is one of the Hella Holo Custom polishes that Powder Perfect did.  It's a great colour, it has flakies, it has holo, it has a great formula...do I need to say more?

Pretty Serious Cosmetics
Now I am really not sure if you can class Pretty Serious Cosmetics as an "indie" but I am going to for this post.  Pretty Serious is also in the "indie" section in my drawers as well....or did I move them?  I can't remember.  I personally didn't buy a lot from Pretty Serious, however I did but and fall in love with the Pastel Pets Collection.  I love the whole collection, but have limited it to my three favorites for this post.  I love all three by themselves, but especially love them when they are all together.

Cutie Patootie is a gorgeous purple creme.  Not too light and not too in your face.

Fluffykins is an amazing pink creme.  If i had to pick only one favorite from this collection I think this polish would be it.

Peachy Poo is an orange creme.  Gorgeous colour but especially fantastic when teamed with Fluffkins and Cutie Patootie.

So that is my Top Twenty One indie polishes that were released this year.  The indie girls really do such an amazing job, and to think I only shop from a very small selection of indie stores.  My poor wallet would seriously die if I shopped more than I already do.

I mentioned earlier that there are a couple of polishes that weren't released but are most definitely in my favorites of polishes that I have used this year.  You may have seen them in my post the other day but these next two polishes were given to me for Christmas by Theresa (Grace-full Nail Polish).  I seriously love both of these polishes.  They are amazing.

Thanks Tracy.

When I Look To The Sky.

Now it's your turn.  Let me know what some of your favorite indie polishes were from this year.  Or even ones that you wished you had grabbed by didn't.


  1. A fortune teller's charm by Femme Fatale... I've just got into indie polish so it was already sold out... I think one of my favorite from this year is Vampire Breath from Glam Polish... I've realized I love flakies! I'm thinking of grabbing the Emily de Molly too...

    1. Flakies are amazing! I am a huge fan of flakies! I'm also a huge fan of Emily de Molly polishes. She never disappoints! I haven't tried any new Glam's from this year (her polishes are too expensive for me) :(

  2. How you managed to narrow your indie faves down to even this many is beyond me. Seriously every review and swatch you've done is amazing. Love the EDM polishes so much, they're so beautiful.
    Vicky x

    1. It took me days, literally days. And lots of going back and forth. Decision making is so hard! I am planning on doing some monthly favorites (like you do) in order to help me at the end of next year.