Pueen Cosmetics Double Fun 01 Stamping Plate - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Layering plates are a HUGE thing at the moment and all the plate brands are bringing out their version.  I was surprised when Pueen's Double Fun 01 stamping plate arrived in my letter box.  Now I am still getting use to the whole layering images thing so I haven't been too adventurous with this plate just yet.  

Image from Pueen
Before I talk about the actual images on the plate I want to quickly mention how much I love the backing of this plate.  On previous plates, Pueen have included some inspiration pictures on the sleeve of the plate.  Such a great idea, however I don't actually leave my plates in their sleeve as I store my plates in a folder (let me know if you want a blog post on how I store my plates etc).  The Double Fun 01 has a bunch of inspiration pictures right there on the back of the plate.  How awesome is that?

The image that first caught my eye was the floral images in the top right corner of the plate.  I originally had a different mani in mind however I realized that the solid floral image doesn't actually line up with the outlines.  I was a little bummed about that.  For this mani I used Emily de Molly A Peony For Your Thoughts, B Loves Plates B A Lavender stamping polish, and Dance Legend Violet stamping polish.

For my second mani I actually used the back of the plate for some inspiration.  I loved the mix of solid and outlined stars and hearts together so went with it.  I think it's such a fun look and definitely a good break from all the Halloween and dark manis I have been doing lately.  Polishes used for this mani are OPI Alpine Snow for my base and B Loves Plates B A Blue Ocean, B A Fresh Mojito, B A Sunshine, B A Juicy Tangerine and B A Sunset.

I like that there is a good mix of designs on this plates which means that you can do so many different manis with it.  Some of the images on this plate, however are quite huge!  I don't consider my nails small but they certainly aren't huge.  They can be long but they are probably quite average in their width.  A lot of the images on this plate are way too big for my nails (including my thumb nail).  That the feather for example.  It doesn't fit on the length of my nails without missing some of the design.  The circle image could be put over two nails and still have some of the image missing.  All of the images are etched well and pick and transfer nicely onto the nails.

The Double Fun 01 plate is available from Pueen Cosmetics, however it does appear to be sold out at the moment.  I image that it will be back in stock soon as it is a newly released plate.


  1. I actually picked this plate up form Amazon as it was pretty inexpensive and I have Prime shipping. My first layering plate and I haven't even used it yet. The images on the back are quite nice and helpful.

    1. Yay for Amazon. I have a love/hate with that site. There are so many awesome things (which I love) but most of the time they don't ship to Australia or if they do ship here it costs an arm and a leg. Story of my life really lol. I can't wait to see your manis with this plate :)

    2. Shipping is just beastly!!