Mini Blog Break

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Recently my daughter has been sick (only with a cold and nothing serious) but it has caused quite a few sleepless nights in our house hold.  I stupidly kept up with my usual crazy pace and exhaustion has really hit me hard.  What does that mean?  Well I have decided to take a little step back from my usual blog and Instagram schedule.  Never fear though, I am not going anywhere.  My break is only for about two weeks (my daughter is on school holidays so it's perfect timing) and I will still be posting on IG probably 4-5 times a week (instead of my usual 7+) and I will only be doing 3-4 blog posts a week.  Really it probably won't seem like I am gone too much for you guys but it will be a huge break for me.  Anyway I just thought I should do a quick update so no one panics and thinks that I am quitting or something.  


  1. Enjoy your break and I hope your daughter feels better soon!

    1. Thanks Christy. She is already better. I'm just now catching up on some much needed sleep :)