All About Nail Polish Tag

Sunday, 5 June 2016

I originally had a different post planned for today but I haven't quite finished doing the manis for that post.  Instead of not posting anything at all I thought it would be fun to do another nail polish tag.  I had fun doing the first tag and it seemed to be of interest to you guys so why not do another one?  I know I like these.  If you missed the Confessions Of A Nail Polish Addict tag you can see that here.  Anyway, lets get into the All About Nail Polish tag shall we?

1.  What is you favorite nail polish finish (eg. creme, crelly, glitter etc)?
This one really depends on my mood at the time, and how lazy I am being at the time.  I hate taking off glitter polishes but I do love them!  They are so pretty and sparkly.  I do tend to reach more for cremes than any other polishes in my collection so I guess I would have to answer cremes.

2.  What is your favorite "pretty ugly" shade?
I don't think I have a favorite "pretty ugly" shade.  I honestly can't think of one.

3.  Which polish in your collection is the most sentimental to you?
I actually have a few of sentimental polishes.  I would have to say my first OPIs are some of them.  The OPI Burlesque Collection was what set my serious polish collecting in motion.  In true Tracy style, I couldn't decide which OPIs to grab so I picked up the mini Burlesque pack as well as a full sized duo that had Let Me Entertain You and Show It And Glow It!. 

My other sentimental polish would have to be my one and only Chanel Taboo, which was gifted to me by my amazing friend Margaret.

4.  If you could go back in time and buy any collection, what would it be?
I'm not really sure if there are any full collections that I would go back and buy, but there are probably a few polishes I would grab if I had the chance eg. OPI Parlez-Vous OPI? and I would definitely get back up of things like the original China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy.  I really try not to focus on the things that aren't really available anymore.  My theory is that it's better to buy the polish and have it sitting untried in a drawer, than to decide later that you want/need a polish and not be able to buy it.

Image from All Lacquered Up

Actually, now that I think about it there was a Lilypad Lacquer LE collection (The Opals) that was released not to long again that I would love to have but didn't have the money at the time.  Really I would love to add more Lilypad Lacquer to my collection.....and Glam Polish.  I really just need more of everything.  

5.  What is your go to "all occasion" polish?
I'm not sure I have one of these either.  Seriously, what is wrong with me?  I feel like I am not a true nail polish addict here.  Polish for me usually depends on my mood and what I feel like wearing at the time.  I do tend to reach for similar polishes over and over.  I actually have a whole post on my most used polishes here but they aren't really "all occasion" polishes.

6.  What items are essential to your nail care routine?
Cuticle oil (preferably in the pen form), Blue Cross cuticle remover and nail files.

7.  What is your favorite "newly discovered" brand (indie or mainstream)?
Kind of nail polish related but Color Alike stamping polishes.  They have recently been added to my collection and I quite like them.  It's still early days so I am not sure if I can call them a favorite yet but I am quite happy with them (I am planning on doing swatches and a review of them in the coming weeks).

8.  What is your go-to "bad-ass" colour (the colour that makes you feel sexiest or most bad ass)?
Does polish really make someone feel sexy or bad ass?  I can't say I particularly feel sexy or bad ass with any polishes but if I had to pick maybe black?  There is something chic about black nails.

9.  Indie or Mainstream?
Seriously, what sort of a question is this?  Both indies and mainstream have amazing polishes, and they all have some duds as well.  I love both indies and mainstreams equally.

10.  Which brand's collections do you most look forward to? 
Everyone's!  Seriously, who doesn't love new polishes?  In particular I look forward to seeing the new collections/releases from China Glaze and OPI (for mainstream) and Femme Fatale Cosmetics and Emily de Molly (for indies).

I'm curious to know what your favorite "newly discovered" brand is?  Maybe there is something that I am missing.  Let me know in the comments.


  1. Ooh I love this tag and your answers are perfect. I'm really bad with nearly discovered brands, I'm such a stickler for tried and tested brands. I'll see have to have a go at this tag myself soon xx
    Vicky @thepolishlisf

    1. You should do this tag. I would love to read your answers. I go through phases of trying new brands and sticking to my originals. I think being around for so long there isn't too many brands that I haven't tried before.

  2. I would love to see the Burlesque collection swatched. I just bought Bring on the Bling. The most I've ever spent on a polish. The glitters from that collection are awesome. I just wish OPI's weren't so expensive to begin with. Lately I feel like China Glaze polishes have been streaky. What do you think of there formulas? ( sorry for the random chatter. LOL)

    1. The Burlesque Collection is on my list of things to do. It kinda keeps getting bumped back for newer things though. At this stage I have it in my planner for mid July (I plan my blog stuff at least a month in advance so I don't get stuck with what to post or start doing 3 things at once and finish doing nothing). I will get around to doing it though.

      OPI are very expensive (especially here in Australia - they retail for $20 per bottle) and CG is HTF here. I can't say that I recall any of my CGs being streaky. I would have to go and read my blog posts lol. They are the one brand that I am good at ordering, swatching and reviewing straight away.

      I love random chatter. It is always welcome. You can random chatter in the FB group. I'm sure there are others who would respond as well :)