B.Loves Plates/Color Alike Spring Break Stamping Polish Collection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Back in May you may have seen this post where I mentioned that I am on the hunt for some good creme polishes.  I have seen a couple of brands with some great looking stamping polishes but sadly they don't ship outside of the US.  But I did find two collections of creme stamping polishes from B.Loves Plates/Color Alike and they shipped to Australia.  Woohoo!  Today I have the Spring Break Stamping Polish collection which features six pastel shades that stamp beautifully over both light and dark shades.

B A Blue Sky is a baby blue creme stamping polish.

B A Ice Coffee is a nude beige creme stamping polish.

B A Lavender is a pastel purple creme stamping polish.

B A Lemonade is a pastel yellow creme stamping polish.

B A Mint is a mint creme stamping polish.

B A Sweetheart is a pastel pink creme stamping polish.

I am so impressed with these stamping polishes.  I mean how can you go wrong with pastel polishes that stamp over black.  You can bet that I will be getting some great use out of these.

The Spring Break Stamping Polish Collection is available from B.Loves Polish (and yes they ship them internationally!)


  1. I need to get more stamping polishes!! These look wonderful!

    1. I really like them. Have your tried the stamping polishes from Bundle Monster or Pueen? I really want to try them but they don't ship to Australia apparently

    2. I haven't really tried Pueen but I have tried Bundlemonster. Bundlemoster can be really hit or miss. Great prices but not always great results in stamping polishes.

    3. So maybe I don't need the Bundle Monster stamping polishes then? I just received some stamping polishes from Dance Legend which I am super excited to try. You can never have too many stamping polishes can you?

  2. Love these polishes and they stamp so well. Your stamping always gets me motivated to try it again and then I fail, again! Oh well, luckily I have your blog for stamping lovelyness!
    Vicky xx

    1. Oh no. Don't give up! It took me months of failing and then trying new products until I got it. Somedays I still fail. Do you have any nail friends that live near you that can help?