Flakie Friday - Glam Polish Comet Storm

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Happy Friday!  What has everyone got planned for the Easter long weekend?  We are off to Geelong to visit today which is always good.  Hopefully the weather is nice enough for a stop at the beach or something as well.  That is definitely something we'll have to play by ear because who knows what this Melbourne weather is doing at the moment.  Saturday is a family fun day at my partner's work and then home to bake carrot cake for the Easter Bunny.  Of course Sunday will be filled with Easter Egg hunts and eating chocolate. Yum! 

For today's Flakie Friday I decided to bring out one of my newer flakie polishes - Glam Polish's Comet Storm.  This polish was actually given to me by my good friend Margaret (@m_a_tom over on Instagram.  If you don't already follow her then you definitely should).  I love it!  It's a clear based polish filled with lots of purple and multi coloured flakies.  The formula is easy to work with.  I used three coats over black.  It's not entirely opaque but I think if it was sponged on it probably could be.

And of course, Comet Storm mattified. 

I definitely prefer this polish in its shiny form.  In fact, I think I prefer the more foiling flakie shiny and the opal like flakies as matte.  I'll have to break out a more opal looking flakie for next week to test my theory.  Which way do you prefer your flakies?  



  1. I can't say I understand the different types of flakie but I thought I always preferred them matte but this I definitely prefer glossy. So I'd love to see a comparison. Do you know of any neon flakies?? ;)

  2. Oh neon flakies would be awesome. I wonder if that's a thing? We'll have to investigate. As for the different types of flakies - I'd say these ones are more foil like and something like Essie's Shine Of The Times is more opal...well it is to me. I'll be posting a more opally one next week. I already know which one I am going to do :)