Color Club Pastel Neon Collection - Comparisons

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

I seem to have started a little thing on my blog where I swatch and review new mainstream collections and then do comparisons with other polishes in my collection.  I have been getting a lot of good feedback from these posts (and they are posts that I like reading if they are available) so I figured it will be something I will continue trying to do.  I don't actually have anything in my collection that is similar to the Color Club Pastel Neon Remix Collection so I will be skipping on that one.  Today I will showing you some comparisons of the Color Club Pastel Neon Collection.

Color Club Diggin' The Dancing Queen vs China Glaze Lotus Begins
These two polishes look so close to being dupes in the bottle but much to my surprise, they are quite different on the nail.  Lotus Begins is darker, dries quicker and has a better formula.  I used three coats of Diggin' The Dancing Queen and two coats of Lotus Begins for my swatch.

Color Club Feathered Hair Out To There vs OPI Suzi Shops & Island Hops
Definitely no dupes here.  I remember Suzi Shops to look brighter on the nail but when you compare if to Feathered Hair it looks so dull.  Both polishes required three coats for full coverage.

Color Club Hot-Hot-Hot Pants vs Essie Van D'Go vs China Glaze Pack Lightly
Definitely no dupes here.  Essie Van D'Go is darker, dries quicker and doesn't apply as streaky as the Color Club or China Glaze. The China Glaze is also slightly darkers and is more orange toned plus it does have shimmer which can be seen in certain lights.  I used three coats of each polish.

Color Club Meet Me At The Rink vs China Glaze Dashboard Dreamer
I honestly thought I had something similar to Meet Me At The Rink but apparently not.  The closest I have is Dashboard Dreamer but that is lighter and has shimmer in it.  In terms of formula, I prefer the Color Club.  It's streaky but isn't runny like the China Glaze.  I used three coats for both polishes.

Color Club Under The Blacklight vs China Glaze Be More Pacific
 These two look more similar in bottles than they do on the nails.  As you can see they are clearly not dupes.  Be More Pacific looks very green in comparison and is darker.  Formula wise they are similar.  They both need three coats for full coverage.

It's always a nice surprise when you buy new polishes and they aren't dupes for polishes that you already own.  I do plan on going through my collection at some point in the new feature and seeing what dupes/comparable polishes I have in my collection.  I am sure I have in my collection.  If there are any comparisons or collections you would like me to compare then let me know and I can add them to my list. 


  1. Ah this is just the perfect blog post. The comparisons are so clearly pictured and well described and 1) confirm I NEED all the pastel neons which is the permission I was looking for ;) and 2) give me ideas for awesome gradients - Under The Blacklight and Be More Specific especially. I'm surprised that polishes I thought were bright look quite dull next to to the CCs.

    1. That's the exact same thought I had when I grabbed some of the polishes out. The CGs are bright when they are by themselves but the CCs definitely make them look dull. Permission is definitely granted to get this collection. And thank you. I'm glad theese comparison posts are helpful.

  2. Really useful post. Thanks for taking take to swatch all these and take such great pictures, alongside your very helpful description of the differences both in colour and formula :-)

    1. Thanks Rachel. I'm so glad you found it helpful.