Flakie Friday - Color Club Snow Flakes

Friday, 10 April 2015

I just realized that this week seems to be focusing on Color Club.  I promise that was unintentional.  I couldn't not swatch the new Color Clubs because they are way too pretty to be sitting waiting for me, and I have been thinking about this combination for ages that it was time to bust it out.  Really I should write "bust it out again" because I have actually worn this combination when I first received these polishes back in 2012/2013.  I absolutely fell in love with it then and I have fallen in love with it all over again.

So what is this combination I am babbling on about?  Well it's the gorgeous Color Club Snow Flakes over Color Club Glitter Wonderland.  I adore Glitter Wonderland on its on but adding Snow Flakes and *insert emjoi hearts*.  Love love love.  I applied the first coat of Snow Flakes normally and then sponged the second coat on for extra flakie goodness.

And of course, the matte version,  These are the type of flakies that I like matte, rather than the metallic ones like I have shown over the last couple of weeks.

So which do you prefer - matte or shiny?  This one I am completely on the fence about.  I love them both equally.  Now I am not sure if Snow Flakes is still available or not.  If my memory serves me correctly Color Club actually changed the polish to iridescent glitters instead of the flakies which is such a shame.  It's such a beautiful flakie polish.


  1. That is so beautiful. It is almost a golden purple look. I love them too much to decide between matte or shiny. It's like asking me to choose between my twins. ;0)

  2. It is a gorgeous combination and the flakies are beautiful. You definitely never have to pick between them. I am a shocker for "favorites". I can never pick. I just love all the pretty things :)