August 2019 Favourites / Update

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Oh August, you have been exceptionally busy for me but I am kind of happy to be done with you.  Not because you have been bad but more because September is when we officially move into our new house.  I am beyond excited for that!  I will actually get to have my very own polish room.  Previously my polishes have had to share a space but not anymore!  With the move happening next week I will most likely be a little MIA.  I do have some posts scheduled (mainly Polish Pick Up shades) next week and I am hoping to get a couple of other posts done but that will all come down to time.  I am also currently swatching my way through some new collections that will be released next month.  All I can say is prepare yourselves and your wallets!  I think that's all I really have to update you on.  Let's get into the favourites from August....

Nail Art
Sooooo it turns out that I haven't really done any nail art again this month.  Well that's not true.  I have done a little bit of nail art but I haven't shared it and in most cases I didn't even take pictures.  How bad is that?  Although in all honesty, it was kinda nice to take my bloggers hat off for a bit and just do nails for me for a change.  I will have some nail art coming in September.
Stamping Plates
I'm sure this goes without saying but I don't have any new stamping plates to add in today's post.  I have been using a few older Uberchic plates (mainly 6-01) and Maryanne Nails EYNails 01.  It's been nice to go back to revisit some of the my older plates.
Mainstream Polishes
There have been a couple of new releases from OPI and China Glaze among others but I haven't grabbed any yet.  Let me know if there are any new collections you would like me to review.
Indie Polishes
This month has definitely been all about the indie girls on my blog and I'm not made about it.  They really do make the best stuff!
Emily de Molly August Releases
If you saw my post about this month's release then you will already know how much I love all of these polishes.  Hayley is absolutely killing it this year!  I'm already dreading trying to have to narrow down my end of year favourites already (which apparently I need to do in four months!). 

Emily de Molly Late Night Blooms (Polish Pick Up August 2019)
I am OBSESSED with this polish!  I'm really not sure what else I can say about it.  It was instant love.

Emily de Molly Limited Edition Cremes
Hayley releases cremes and you just know they are going to be amazing!  I seriously need Hayley to release cremes in every single shade possible.

Grace-full Nail Polish Hope Floats (Indie Love & Light August 2019) 
Hope Floats is such a gorgeous polish and it raises money for a good cause.  What's not to love about that?

Hit The Bottle Gilded Beauty & Lightshow (Polish Pick Up August 2019) 
HTB released two polishes this month.  Both are equally as gorgeous and a needed in everyone's collection.  Especially Lightshow.  I think a fine holo topper is an absolute must have!

That brings us to probably the shortest favourites post ever!  I'm pretty sure that September will be a little better...hopefully.  Now everyone keep your fingers crossed that I don't have any badly broken nails or any bad cuts etc on my hand during this move.


  1. All fab. So many nice ones here :-D

    1. There is so many great polishes being released this year. I know I am going to have some troubles narrowing down my favourites at the end of the year.