August 2018 Favourites

Friday, 31 August 2018

Ok so the end of August has definitely popped up a lot sooner than I was expecting.  I was thinking I had about another week until I needed to sit down and think about my favourites from this month.  Luckily I actually looked at the calendar and released that September is just around the corner (and hopefully so is Spring!).  Anyway, I am starting to ramble.  Let's take a look at all the things I have been loving this month.

Nail Art
This month has definitely seen a lot more swatches (and wearing plain manis) than nail art.  There isn't a particular reason for this (well apparently from having lots of new pretty polishes to swatch) other than I just haven't done much nail art.  Next month will be a different story though.

Stamping Plates
This month I have only played with three stamping plates.  One plate is a plate that I have had for a very long time.  I don't even recall when I purchased it.  I'm guessing it was earlier this year.  Anyway, I also had the pleasure of swatching two of Uberchic's new plates - Cultural Rhythm and Art Deco.  

Uberchic Art Deco Stamping Plate
This is definitely my favourite of favourites of the two new plates.  I think the images are more my style and I can see me getting a lot of use out of this plate.

Image from Uberchic
Uberchic Cultural Rhythm Stamping Plate
I went a little back and forth about whether I should include this plate in my favourites list.  Why?  Looking at the images I don't particularly love the designs, but for some strange reason I love them when I use them.  It's really quite bizarre.  Two of the three manis from my nail art favourites are from this plate!

Image from Uberchic
Mainstream Polishes
I have played with quite a few mainstream polishes this month but sadly there isn't really many polishes that got my heart singing.

China Glaze Paint It Black Collection
I got in a little early with posting China Glaze Halloween's Collection but I am ok with that.  It gives you guys plenty of time to grab any of the polishes that you are interested in.  I really like the entirely collection and I think that it's really cool that China Glaze did an entirely black collection.  My absolute favourites from this collection are Night And Slay, and Pret-A-Potion (I particularly love it over CG Chic Happens).

Color Club Halo Crush Collection
In terms of favourite mainstream collections I have tried this month, the Color Club Halo Crush Collection is hands down my favourite.  The formulas are good, they are really sparkly and the colours are really nice.  My personal picks are Break It Up, I've Got A Crush, Piece Out and Shattered.

Indie Polishes 
It probably comes as no surprise that indie polishes have made up most of my blog posts again this month.  There is always so many good things that come from the indie girls.

Emily de Molly 3 Words, One Song
3 Words, One Song is from this month's Polish Pick Up.  It's seriously stunning!  I don't think pictures do this polish justice.

Emily de Molly August Releases
Emily de Molly have done it again this month!  So many gorgeous polishes were released.  I am definitely going to have a really hard time narrowing down my favourites at the end of the year.  Anyway, my personal favourites from this release are The Maze And The Hightower, Dancing Through Sunday and Memories Of Midnight.

Emily de Molly May 2018 Limited Edition Polishes 
These definitely took me way too long to get around to swatching but I am so glad that I finally did.  While I did like all four of the polishes, I particularly fell in love with LE98 and LE99.

Glam Polish Pixie Dust Collection
This month I had the pleasure of swatching the new Pixie Dust Collection from Glam Polish.  It's such a pretty collection.  My personal favourites are A Girl Worth Fighting For, Faith, Trust And A Little Bit Of Pixie Dust, Tale As Old As Time, Wish Upon A Star and I Just Can't Wait To Be King.

Grace-full Nail Polish Magical Muses
Magical Muse was released as part of this month's Polish Pick Up and I love it!  It's gorgeous in both it's cold and warm states.

Grace-full Nail Polish Shakin' All Joker
Grace-full have killed it this month with their releases!  Shakin' All Joker was part of the Hella Handmade Creations this month and it is gorgeous!  Pictures don't really do it justice.

Lilypad Lacquer Cuddle Team Leader
Yet another polish that was made as part of the Polish Pick Up, except this polish was actually released back in June.  I absolutely love this polish!  It's easily one of my favourite polishes that Lilypad have made!

piCture pOlish June Releases
I know I have said this before (and I'll probably keep on saying it) piCture pOlish is one of those brands that I never know which category to put it in.  They really aren't quite and indie brand but they aren't mainstream either.  Anyway, this month I finally got around to swatching the rest of the polishes that were released along side my collaboration shade.  My favourites from the release definitely Royal (which if you didn't know is my shade) and Princess.

That wraps up August! Now to begin the crazy month that is September....

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