March 2018 Favourites

Saturday, 31 March 2018

Happy Easter Eve everyone!  I hope the Easter Bunny comes and brings you lots of chocolate tonight.  I am definitely hoping he stops by and leaves some chocolate for me.  Seems today is the last day of March, it is time for me to do my monthly favourites.  It's definitely been a really big month for me as I have been back to daily blogging again.  Woohoo!  I quite like daily blogging, it's quite fun...once you take out the amount of pictures to edit.  I really don't like editing photos.  Doing the manis and writing blog posts is definitely more up my alley. 

Nail Art
There has been quite a few nail art manis that I have loved this month.  Probably my most favourite of favourites manis (and you can guarantee that these will be in my end of year favourites) are the black and white flowers and the lead lighting version as well.  I absolutely love both of those manis.

Stamping Plates
I have played with a bunch of new stamping plates this month and I still have a bunch of plates waiting for me to play with so keep an eye out for those next month.  But let's focus on the plates I have tried and loved!

Lina Nail Art Supplies Let's Doodle 02 Stamping Plate
Another month, another Lina stamping plate in my favourites post.  Lina really does do some awesome plates and the Let's Doodle range is among some of my all time favourite plates of theirs.

Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Marianne Nails EYNails No1 Stamping Plate
This way the first plate from Marianne Nails that I tried and I instantly fell in love.  The quality is amazing and the images stamp perfectly!  Plus they are fantastic images.

Marianne Nails EYNails No 2 Stamping Plate
Another plate that I love from Marianne Nails.  Again this plate has some awesome images and they quality is amazing.  The images pick up and transfer perfectly.

Uberchic Beauty Collection Twenty Four
I did try a couple of new Uberchic plates this month, and while I do really like the Welcome Spring stamping plate, I am not adding it to my favourites based on the fact that I won't reach for it all the time.  It's mainly one I would use around Easter.  Collection Twenty Four on the other hand I can see myself reaching for time and time again.
Image from Uberchic Beauty
Stamping Polishes

Hit The Bottle Fruit Tingles Collection
I definitely raved about these when I first got them and I'll continue to do so.  They are just such stunning colours and stamp well.

Indie Polishes
I have had a busy month swatching for two of my favourite indie brands - Emily de Molly and Grace-full Nail Polish.  Both brands have had some amazing polishes released this month, as well as polishes that I only got around to swatching this month.

Emily de Molly January 2018 Limited Editions
These are polishes that were sitting in my swatch racks for way too long.  They are also the types of polishes that really make me question why they are only released as a limited edition polish rather than as a regular release.  I know Hayley has her reasons but these babies are just so stunning!  Polishes (in no particular order) are LE79, LE80, LE81, LE83, LE85, LE87, LE88 and LE89.

Emily de Molly March 2018 Releases 
Did I mention that I love March's releases?  There are some amazing polishes in the mix.  My personal picks for this month were Prismatic Mode, Idle Sails, Charismatic Puzzle, Sharp Turn, Dappled Lilac and Peacock's Charm.

Emily de Molly Starry Eyes  
Starry Eyes is the latest exclusive for the Femme Fatale Cosmetics store.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it and it did not disappoint.

Grace-full Nail Polish Fan Selection Collection
There are a few of things that I love about this collection.  One - the formulas are amazing (Grace-full do make some of the best creme polishes), two - the colours are stunning and three - how this collection come about.  Such a great idea to have the Facebook group select the colours and names.

Grace-full Nail Polish Illusions Collection
The Illusions Collection is the first collection from Grace-full for 2018 and what a way to kick it off.  Such a stunning collection.  My personal favourites are Henly, 4H, Shrike and Dante.

Grace-full Nail Polish Pruglies Collection
This collection may come as a bit of a surprise to be in my favourites collection but again the formula on these babies is flawless.  Plus the colours really took me by surprise - I really like them.  Plus I think they will make excellent polishes for Autumn nail nail.

Mainstream Polishes
I finally have some mainstream polishes back on my blog this month.  It seems like the mainstream brands have gone a little quite in the past few months.  Hopefully that isn't a sign of things to come and they keep rolling out those pretties.

Bow Nail Polish Magnetic Holos
I am such a sucker for multichrome polishes and these have some added bonuses - they have some holo glitters plus they are magnetic.  Such cool polishes!

China Glaze Chic Physique Collection
I love China Glaze Spring Collections.  They are always filled with such pretty colours.  The Chic Physique Collection is no exception.  My personal favourites are Barre Hopping, Werk It Honey!, Glamletics and Get It Right Get It Bright.

OPI Lisbon Collection
While I did really like the Lisbon Collection there were just three polishes that really stole my heart - Lisbon Wants Moor OPI, Tile Art To Warm Your Heart and No Turning Back From Pink Street.

Now I think that wraps up March's favourites.  Like I said it has been a big month with lots of goodies jam packed in.  April looks as though it is going to be just as busy with just as many pretties being released so prepare your wallets!

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