February 2018 Favourites

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

I know that February is a shorter month, but boy it fly past!  It might have something to do with how busy I have been too.  Anyway, seems today is the last day of February it is time for my monthly favourites.  Like with last month, I am going to try really hard to be a lot tougher with my favourites to keep these posts shorter but we'll have to see how that goes...

Nail Art
This month has been a little odd for me when it comes to nail art.  I started off the month really well but then kinda lost my mojo when it comes to nails (and mainly nail art) somewhere along the way.  I'm really not sure what happened but hopefully my mojo will be back sooner rather than later.  Despite my nail funk, I did manage to do quite a few of manis that I consider favourites.

Stamping Plates
This is probably a bit of an unfair category this month.  I have shared four plates this month and they are all favourites of mine.

Emily de Molly EDM39
This plate has some of my all time favourite images that Emily de Molly have released in their stamping plates.  Definitely makes it an easy plate to grab for continuously.

Image from Emily de Molly
Lina Nail Art Supplies Totally Negative 01
I'm sure you can all see why I would be obsessed with this stamping plates.  They make for perfect manis with a sponged background (which I think will still be my go to look for a while to come).  You can see some of the manis I have done with this plate in this post here.
Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Uberchic Got Chevron 02 
If you asked me what some of my all time favourite stamping plates are in my collection I would hands down be adding both of the Chevron plates from Uberchic.  Seriously obsessed with the designs.  You can see my post of Got Chevron 02 here.
Image from Uberchic
What's About Nails Love Is Everywhere
Such a girly plate!  I'm pretty sure this plate was released with Valentine's Day manis in mind but I'll be using it all year round.  You can check out my manis in this post here.

Image from What's Up Nails
Indie Polishes
February is a lot like January when it comes to new polishes on my blog.  I have had zero mainstream polishes and I have only had one indie brand - Emily de Molly.  Again, I have no issues with having Emily de Molly polishes to share (they are always in my favourites).  Next month I will have some other new things from brands to share.

Emily de Molly February Releases
With the exception of one polish, I really loved all of February's releases.  My absolutely favourites are Linked Irony and Change Of Pace, closely followed by Ruined Cities and Little Whispers.   

Emily de Molly March Polish Pick Up 
Emily de Molly knocked it out of the ball park with this month's Polish Pick Up.  Long Road Trips is seriously gorgeous and the formula is perfection.

Emily de Molly Valentine's Day Trio
I am a huge fan of the Valentine's Day Trio that was released this year.  Sadly, I didn't love all three once there were on my nails.  I did fall in love with two of them though - Memory Maker and Streams Of Gold.

That wrap's up February.  It was definitely a quiet month so not too many favourites (or maybe still a lot of favourites depending on what you are comparing it too).  Next month, I have a feeling that my favourites post will be much, much bigger.  I have quite a few collections that I have began swatching and have already started to fall in love.  Also in March I will be going back to daily blogging!  I have so much new things to play with that if I stick to only doing four posts a week I will have content right up until June/July (without getting anything else).  


  1. I think all of your nail art came out great and if they look now this way I can imagine what you will do if your inspiration will come back fully :)

    1. Thank you! I think it was just a little dip in the inspiration levels but I think I am back! Well at least I hope I am back. I am daily blogging in March so need all the inspiration I can get.