Clear Jelly Stamper Mixed Stamping Polishes - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 24 August 2017

I'm back with another Clear Jelly Stamper post for you.  Today I am going to be sharing with you four of the stamping polishes from their range.  I am always on the hunt for some more stamping polishes (in particular creme stamping polishes!) so these polishes are definitely very welcome in my collection.

Each of the polishes that I have to share with you are the 10ml bottles which is the largest size of stamping polishes that Clear Jelly Stamper offer.  Now if you have been following for a while then you will probably know that I am not a fan of mini sized polishes.  Yes, they are super cute but I find them really awkward to use and to pose with for photos.  There is one exception to my mini rule though - I like mini stamping polishes.  I personally don't think I would ever really go through a full sized bottle of stamping polish (except black and white - they always need to be big bottles) so mini sized bottles mean that I can try more colours.  Right, now let's look at the individual shades that I have.

#16 Shiraz! is a purple creme stamping polish.

#34 Angelic White is a shimmery white stamping polish.

#35 Paula's Pixie Purple is a shimmering soft purple stamping polish.

#41 Sweet Baby Rose is a shimmery baby pink stamping polish.

I am so impressed with these stamping polishes.  You need hardly any product for them to work perfectly (I just did a small line at the top of the image and then scraped it over the image).  I was initially concerned about Sweet Baby Rose and Paula's Pixie Purple as they look really shimmery on the bottle but they stamp more like metallics.  I think all four of these are gorgeous colours and stamp well, but as they are metallics you probably won't see me using them so much.  I love them in person but they never photograph as nicely.  I definitely need to get some more stamping polishes from Clear Jelly Stamper!!  Let me know which ones you recommend/think that I should get.

These four stamping polishes are available now from Clear Jelly Stamper.

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