August Favourites 2017

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Can you believe that it is the end of August?  I know I am in shock.  Probably not so much with how quickly this month has gone but more that we are about to enter September.  I'll get to that at the end of this post.  Let's talk about all the things that I have been loving in August!

Nail Art
I feel like this month has been full of nail art and nail art related products here on my blog.  Like usual, it means that I have a heap of nail art favourites again this month.  I am seriously going to struggle when it comes to doing my favourites at the end of the year.  Eek!

Stamping Plates
I have been trying my hardest to swatch my way through my "to swatch" pile of plates and I am happy to report that I am sooooo close to being able to say that I have swatched all of the plates that I purchased last year and this year.  There are only three plates to go!  Woohoo!

Lina Nail Art Supplies Let's Doodle 01
It's probably no surprise that this plate is here.  It's floral and has a heap of full sized images.  Love it! You can see how I used this plate here.

Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Lina Nail Art Supplies Feeling Shapely 03 and 09
The Feeling Shapely series of plates are still among my favourite plates that Lina creates.  There are just such create images on the plates.  You can see my swatches and review of Feeling Shapely 03 here and Feeling Shapely 09 here.

Image from Lina Nail Are Supplies

Image from Lina Nail Art Supplies
Stamping Polishes

Clear Jelly Stamper
I was lucky enough to be sent some stamping polishes from Clear Jelly Stamper and I am so impressed.  They come in small bottles, but you can definitely get a lot of manis out of them.  A little bit goes such a long way.  I will definitely be adding more to my collection.  You can see the post for these polishes here.


Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling XL Stamper
You can have all of the stamping plates and stamping polishes in the world but if you don't have a decent stamper then they are kinda pointless.  I have fallen head over heels for the Clear Jelly Stamper Big Bling XL Stamper.  It doesn't need priming, it's squishy and is yet to fail me.  You can pretty much guarantee that all stamping manis from me will be done with this stamper.

Image from Clear Jelly Stamper
Indie Polishes
Indie polishes have definitely made up the bulk of my swatching posts this month, and I am more than ok with that.  These indie girls definitely make some of the most amazing polishes!

Celestial Cosmetics Stars In Our Souls
This month Celestial Cosmetics released the Stars Collection (you can see my swatches and review of this collection here) and there was one standard out for me - Stars In Out Souls.

Emily de Molly A Minute To Spare
I'm pretty sure that I end up with at least one Emily de Molly polish in my favourites posts.  Hayley definitely makes some of my all time favourite indie polishes!  I'm currently wearing one of the August releases and I am loving it!  But more about that in another post.

A Minute To Spare is the contribution to the Aussie Indie Con VIP bag and it's easily my one of my favourites from the bag.  You can see more swatches of this polish here.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics & Emily de Molly Wild Woodlands Collaboration
I only picked up three out of the four polishes from this collaboration and I love all of the ones that I have.  Such stunners.  You can find my original post here.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics 
It only took me about 100 years to get around to swatching Femme Fatale's There & Back Again Collection (well part collection - I didn't buy them all).  While I like the majority of the ones that I purchased there were definitely a few standouts - Wandering Wizard, The Necromancer and My Precious.  You can see more swatches of these polishes here.

Grace-full Nail Polish Eldritch
This is another polish from the Aussie Indie Con VIP bag that I absolutely love!  Such a stunner.  You can see more pictures of this one and the others in the bag here if you are interested.

Grace-full Nail Polish Pink Lux and Lilac Light
I'm sure it's no surprise that these two polishes have ended up here in my favourites post.  You can find my original post with these polishes here.

Grace-full Nail Polish The Warren Sisters Collection
While I am a big fan of the Warren Sisters Collection there are three that have made it into my favourites - Book Of Shadows, Premonition and P3.  This collection is definitely worth checking out!  You can see my swatches and review here.

Powder Perfect Wonderful Tonight
This is the last polish from the Aussie Indie Con VIP bag that I loved!  So pretty!

Powder Perfect Perfect Storm & La Lune
Powder Perfect have a few polishes being released this month and Perfect Storm and La Lune are definitely my favourites.  Both are such great polishes!  You can see more swatches here.

Mainstream Polishes 
It's definitely been a quite month on my blog for the mainstream brands and a heavy focus on the Fall collections (not that there is anything wrong with that).

China Glaze Street Regal Collection 
If you saw this post then you know that I wasn't too excited for this collection when it first arrived but I very quickly changed my mind when I swatched them.  The formulas across this collection are amazing!  Definitely a fantastic fall collection worth checking out - you can find my original post here.

Orly November Fog and Velvet Kaleidoscope 
I have some serious love for both November Fog and Velvet Kaleidoscope from the Velvet Dream Collection.  You can see the original post of this collection here.

That rounds up all of my favourites for August.  I am seriously going to struggle picking my favourites for the entire year.  Maybe I should start trying to work those out now?  Lol.

Before I go, I wanted to talk about what is going to be happening here on my blog in September.  If you have been following me on Instagram for the last few years then you will know that I have participated in the 31 Day Nail Art Challenge for the last three years.  I am definitely going to be doing it again this year because it's a challenge that I quite enjoy doing.  This time though, I will be posting it here daily on my blog!  I will still be doing some swatches and reviews (as well as the other challenges I normally do) throughout September so there will be some days I will have two posts instead of one!  It's definitely going to be quite the challenge but I am excited to give it a go!  Who else is joining in on this challenge?  Here are the prompts:

I hope to see lots of you guys join in the fun next month! 

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