Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling XL Stamper - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

I had initially planned on talking about the Big Bling XL Stamper from Clear Jelly Stamper in my blog post over Sunday, however I got completely forgot to mention it.  I know I have spoken about it here and there in other posts and on Instagram but I really think that this stamper needs it's own post.

Image from Clear Jelly Stamper
I have heard so many people talk about the Big Bling stamper and how amazing it is.  Stupidly, I thought that really how could can it be?  Surely it's just the same as other clear stampers out there but just with a sparkly cap (side note: the cap is gorgeous! and so is the cute box the stamper comes in).  Well, stupid I am!  This thing is hands down my go to stamper now!  I have been using it for all of my recently manis and I am in love!  I have used it with different stamping polishes, different stamping plates and have had no issues.  It picks up and transfers beautifully!  It is easy to see through, but please don't let my poor attempts of layering stamps as a sign that this stamper isn't good - I just lack the skill for layering images.  It's something that I definitely want to improve at.

Here is a look at some of the manis I have done using the Big Bling XL Stamper.

The Big Bling XL Stamper is available now from Clear Jelly Stamper.


  1. This is also my favorite stamper. I was surprised at how well it picked it up. Just an awesome stamper all the way around.

    1. It is isn't it? I'm seriously in love with it. I'm thinking I need back ups for just in case something happens. I just don't think I can live without it now lol

  2. OMG! This stamper is beautiful. I´m considering to buy it.