Orly Velvet Dream Collection - Swatches & Review

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

There is one thing that I love about this time of year - the polish collections!  I like that Fall/Winter Collections are released while it is still cold here in Melbourne.  Means I get to enjoy them before the weather warms up.  I do like Fall/Winter collections and there are some really great looking collections this year.  I am super excited for the OPI one (which is being released here in Australia soon!).  But while I don't have the OPI collection yet I do have the China Glaze collection (which I should have up on my blog later this week) and Orly's Velvet Dream Collection which I can share with you today.

Black Cherry is a berry creme.  I am a big fan of this colour.  This is definitely a great winter colour for me.  The formula is great and applies evenly.  It does dry darker than it looks in the bottle.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Blue Suede is a blue creme.  I think the colour is great but the formula is a little on the sheer side which I thought was disappointing.  It is easy to use though.  My swatch shows three coats.

Just Bitten is a vampy red creme.  Now as much as I am not a red fan, I do like this colour.  I personally would prefer to wear it on shorter nails.  The formula does apply slightly uneven and needed three coats to even out completely.

November Fog is a dusty lilac creme.  I love this one!  I was expecting this to be a three coater, but I am happy to say you only need two coats.  Seriously gorgeous!  My swatch shows two coats.

Silken Quartz is a nude with a pearl finish.  I am personally not a fan of this one, but then I don't tend to like pearl finishes on polishes (there are a few exceptions though).  The formula is easy to use and you do have visible brush strokes.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Velvet Kaleidoscope is packed with glitters that shift from a pinky red, to bronze, copper and gold.  I am a big fan of this one.  I think it's such a great colour and it has a great colour shift.  The formula is sheer and needed three coats to build it up.

Overall I am a fan of this collection for the cooler months.  My personal favourites are definitely November Fog and Velvet Kaleidoscope.  I also really like Black Cherry, Blue Suede and Just Bitten.

What do you think of this for a Fall collection?  Will you be picking any of these shades up?


  1. This isn't a bad collection! I'm not normally a fan of Fall collections as they tend to contain the same sorts of colours (like burnt oranges & browns, neither of which I wear), but this + the China Glaze one coming up I'm a fan of. (The OPI Fall/Winter one really disappointed me - the shades are much murkier than they appeared in the press release.)

    I actually like Silken Quartz - I think it may suit my fair skin due to the pinkish tone. I'm also a fan of Black Cherry & November Fog. Might add all 3 to the wishlist as they're not regular colours in my stash. Looking forward to your China Glaze review!

    1. It's a good Fall collection isn't it? Now that you have mentioned the press release for the OPI Iceland Collection, I don't even think that I have seen it. I have seen swatches and bottle shots but not the press release. From what I have seen I think I will like the collection.

      I have started swatching the China Glaze Collection and I am really enjoying them so far. I should have my review up either Saturday or Sunday (most likely Sunday because I am not sure I'll get all the swatches and editing before Saturday).