Opallac Gel Polish Mixed Swatches & Review

Friday, 10 February 2017

Today I have the last of the Opallac Gel Polish polishes to share with you.  If you missed my first post from Opallac then I recommend you check it out if you want more of a review of my overall thoughts on the gel polishes.  You can see that post here.  My experience with these polishes really isn't any different so I'll just be talking about the colours and formulas etc.

Candyman Can is a vibrant aqua green creme.  I am a huge fan of this colour and I am hoping that I have it in my collection in a regular polish form rather than a gel.  The formula was definitely one of the easiest to work with.  My swatch shows two coats.

Date Night is a lavender lilac creme.  No surprise that I like this colour.  My swatch shows two coats.

Fluro This is a bright orange.  I personally think this one needs to be worn over a white base.  It is rather sheer on it's one.  I used four coats for my swatch and there is still a slight visible nail line.

Glitter After Dark is described as a deep purple glitter with hints of black and silver speckles.  This one is definitely too sheer for my personal taste so I layered one coat over Violet Spark (swatch is at the end of this post).  If this was a regular polish I would suggest sponging it on, however I'm not sure how that would work with a gel.  You don't get a good amount of glitter payoff with this one, or you would need to spend a lot of time fishing for it.  It's a nice colour combination though.

Life's A Peach is a peach creme.  Now I think this is a nice colour, however I am not a fan of the formula.  This one is definitely one of the messiest of the gels to use and it is quite sheer.  I used three coats for my swatch, however I really should have used four.

Poured In Pink is a thermal that changes from red to pink.  I am impressed at how reactive these thermals are.  They definitely change quicker than any other thermal I have tried.  My swatch shows three coats, but I probably should have done a fourth as there is still a slight visible nail line.

Say I Do is described as a creamy white.  I'm not sure I would call this a white.  It's got a pink tint to it.  I found the formula of this one really streaky (which I guess can be expected from such a light colour) and is quite sheer.  I used three coats for my swatch, however I should have done four coats.

Violet Spark is described as a dark violet with sparkles.  I think this is a great winter colour.  The formula was easy enough to work with.  My swatch shows two coats.  My second picture is taken with the flash so you can see the sparkles better.

As I mentioned in my original post I think there is something in these gel polishes that reacts to my body chemistry causing them to bubble.  No matter what I did there was always bubbles in each of the polishes and I couldn't get them out.  Will I be converting to gel polishes anytime soon?  Nope.  I love my regular polishes way too much.  They definitely apply nicer and are definitely so much easier to remove and do less damage to my nails and skin.  I found that removing gels with the remover was incredibly drying and now my nails are starting to peel.  I have never had peeling nails in my life so I am guessing they are did not like the remove.  It's the only change that I have had for my nails in the last four or fives years.

Opallac Gel Polish are available at Priceline and from the Opallac website.


  1. Gorgeous and flawless swatches as usual,Tracy! Re: damaging nails while swatching gels, I use a peel off base coat (I'm loving the Powder Perfect one) which helps enormously. Just be sure to leave a space around the nail so they don't peel before you have a chance to photograph them. Kate x

    1. Thanks Kate. You are far too kind. I did use a peel of base but the damage was already done. Plus I ended up with gel on my nails still (around the edges). My skin is still recovering too. I'm definitely not a gel girl. Give me regular polishes any day :)