Nail Crazies Unite: Red & Black

Friday, 24 February 2017

I'm back with another Nail Crazies Unite mani.  I'm pretty sure I skipped one of these manis and I am not sure why.  I either forgot to add it to my planner, bumped it for something else or just didn't like the theme (or maybe it was a nail fail?).  Who knows really.  Lucky for me I write in my planner in pencil because I chop and change it so often.  Anyway, today's theme is red and black so a nice easy mani for me.

For my base I used China Glaze Seas The Days which I then topped with Powder Perfect's Matte Top Coat (fun fact: I actually wore this mani for a whole day before stamping over it).  Now I am not actually convinced I like matte red nails on me but hey you have to try new things every now and again right?  Anyway, I just so happened to be sent a few HeHe plates from my amazing friend Margaret (@loveslacquer on Instagram) and I thought that this image from HeHe 073 would be perfect for this challenge.  I stamped using Mundo de Unas black stamping polish.  I decided not to add any top coat because I really liked the matte based and the semi glossy stamping together.

I've never used HeHe plates before (I do own a few though oops) and I am impressed so far.  I can't wait to play with these some more.

Here are the themes that are still to come for Nail Crazies Unite:

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