Essie Summer Style 2016 (Part) Collection - Swatches & Review

Monday, 6 February 2017

In case you weren't aware Essie Australia release the Essie polishes based on our seasons, and not the US seasons which means that we are usually about a year behind with the collections.  I have been eagerly awaiting the release of the Viva Antiqua Collection, however I was informed that Australia won't be receiving this collection.  Instead, Essie Australia have created their own set of Summer shades from the core range - Mint Candy Apple, Ballet Slippers, Resort Fling, Watermelon, Fifth Avenue and Aruba Blue.  I have three of the six shades to share with you today.

Mint Candy Apple is described as a creme de menthe mint.  I actually already own this polish, well so I thought.  I have a Mint Candy Apple polish in my Essie Collection, however it is a different shade to this one.  It's got a blue tone to it.  Anyway, this is a nice mint colour and the formula is great.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Resort Fling is described as a creamy coral peach.  I think this is a nice colour and it applies really evenly, however it is a bit sheer for my person taste.  I used four coats for my swatch.

Watermelon is described as a juicy red.  This definitely has a pink-ish tone to it (my camera makes it look more red than it does in person).  Anyway, I think this is a pretty colour and the formula is great.  It applies really evenly.  My swatch shows three coats, but you can easily do two coats.  I just wasn't entirely convinced it was opaque.

While I am a little disappointed that Australia missed out on some new Essie's I do quite like these polishes.  The formulas are great and they are easy to work with.

The polishes along with other polishes in Essie's core range are available from Priceline and select pharmacies. 



  1. I'm pissed off with Essie now that you've mentioned that we're not getting the Viva Antigua collection. Whilst I bought most of that collection (bar Hiking Heels) last year whilst in America, I wanted a couple of back-up bottles (in particular, Coconut Cove & Loot the Booty) to see how well they performed with our wider, paddle-like brush. I think Essie missed a trick by not releasing it here as it was IMO one of the best seasonal collections they've put out in recent times.

    (Apologies for the rant!)

    1. Rant away my friend. We do miss out on a lot of polish collections (and not just from Essie) so I can understand your frustration completely! I have loved some of the other Essie collections that never make it to Australia but the only way to get them is online or a trip to America (that's on my to do list along with an empty suitcase or ten so I can go shopping!)

  2. It's so frustrating that you don't get the same releases as the US, I have found that this is the case for us in the U.K. too. Sometimes we miss out on collections or some stores release different colours in different places.
    These colours are very pretty though, I love Mint Candy Apple.
    Vicky xx

    1. It's crazy isn't it? I know with Essie we usually only get the seasonal collections (winter, fall/autumn, spring, summer) and miss out on all the other things like the sheer polishes, the bulk of the luxe effects, bridal etc. It's sad really because I'm sure there are lots of people here that would buy them. I bet it's the same for you guys in the UK. Hopefully they change that so we get everything. Dropping the prices so they are closer to the US price would be amazing too!