Uberchic Beauty Fairytale Plate 01 - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Last week I mentioned that I received a number of Uberchic Beauty plates to swatch and review along with the Uber Mat (you can see it in action in this post - I am seriously in love with this mat.  It is definitely a must have for all nail peeps).  Well today I am here to share with you the Fairytale Plate 01.

I love that this plate has a mix of various fairytale themed images and not heavily leaning towards one particular fairytale.  I also love that there is a good mix of full images, individual images and some writing.  You definitely could make a story using a bunch of these images over different manis.  

I have done a couple of manis using this plate (and have tested out a couple of the images) and they all pick up well.  You may notice that I have some parts missing on my manis below but that was because I was a little slow transferring the image.

Now while this isn't going to be my go to plate (I tend to favor more full nail designs) I do love it for specially themed nails.  I really want to try and do a mani using the fairy image.  I am just yet to work out how I want to use it.  Let me know what you think I should do or if there are any other images you would like to see me use.

The Fairytale Plate 01 is available from Uberchic Beauty.  While you are there I recommend checking out the other plates (especially the sets - they are some of my most used plates) and the Uber Mat.

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