I Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book - Review

Friday, 4 September 2015

Today I have something completely different to share with you - a nail art book review.  I actually already own a couple of nail art books but couldn't resist getting this one from I Scream Nails.  It's bright and colourful and has 15 step by step freehand designs.  I would love to improve my freehand skills so figured this book may help me.

I Scream Nails are a nail salon (located in both Melbourne and Sydney) who specialize in freehand nail art designs and are all about putting fun and colour on your fingertips.  Not only do they do appointments and host private parties in their salons, but they also can come to you to host events, parties and pop-up salons.  If you follow their Instagram account you will see that they often have free pop up events at various locations.  How cool is that?

Inside cover page
The book features a hard cover and is 64 pages full of bright colours and cute little pictures (as seen above).  Inside you will find a section where you get to "meet the crew" who designed the book (and the creator of I Scream Nails - Celia), some information about nail art tools, prepping your workspace, how to paint your nails, some "creative space" and of course the 15 step by step tutorials.

The creative space pages are placed in three sections throughout the book, and are about 6 single pages in each section of blank white nail shaped spaces.  Each of the creative space sections come with a theme (eg. animals) so you can test out some of your ideas.  Personally I am not a fan of these.  I can understand why they are there but I don't think they are needed (that and I don't draw in books.  It's a pet hate of mine.  Along with folding corners of books.  Ahhh!).

Example of one of the creative space pages

The step by step tutorials are super easy to follow and provide pictures for each step so if you don't understand the written description you can go by the pictures.   I love that each of the tutorials comes with a real life picture of the mani as well as a rating of the difficulty of each design.  Designs range from one ice cream (super simple) to five ice creams (super challenge).

Tutorial difficulty rating

Example of one of the tutorials

Mani created following the tutorial
Overall, I think this book is great for a complete beginner in the nail art world.  It's very easy to understand and follow and it has a good range of difficulty in the designs for everyone to try.  For me personally I can't say that I need the tutorials so much, but the book will provide me with lots of colour inspiration and designs (not necessarily from the tutorials but there is lots of patterns in the background of the pages).  Plus it will make a great fun addition to my shelves in my polish room.

I Scream Nails DIY Nail Art Book is available from their online store.

Have you purchased any nail art books before?

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  1. No I haven't but it looks like I might have to get one. Thank You