Pretty Serious Cosmetics Absence & Presence - Swatches & Review

Monday, 7 September 2015

The most used polishes within my collection hands down would have to be black and white.  I have gone through so many of each colour (I know black and white aren't technically colours but lets just go with it for now) in so many different brands that it's not funny.  When Pretty Serious Cosmetics announced that they were releasing a black and white polish that were both one coaters -  I was all over it.  Today I have my swatches and my thoughts on both of these polishes.

Now before I jump on into my thoughts I thought it might be helpful to explain what I except from a one coater polish.  It's quite simple really, it needs to have even coverage and it needs to be fully opaque that if I hold my nails up I can't see through the tips.

Absence is a black creme.  The polish did want to pull up and leave bald spots, but careful application and it was fine and fully opaque in one coat.  I would quite happily replace my current black one coater polish for this one as I don't think this one will stain my nails like the other does sometimes.

Picture taken in light box
Presence is simply a white creme.  Now this is the one that intrigued me the most because seriously who wouldn't want a one coat white polish?  I have been using OPI Alpine Snow for years and it is quite opaque.  Close to a one coater but not quite there.  Presence?  Not a one coater.  I have used it multiple times now and have tried applying different levels of thickness to try and make it fully opaque in one coat, but it just doesn't cut it.  You know when you have a three coater polish - the first coat has bald patches, the second coat covers the bald patches but it's still not even - that is was what this polish is like.  Two coats of this polish is perfect though.  My first picture shows one coat (the streaks are definitely more visible in person) and the second shows two coats.

Picture take in light box - one coat

Picture taken in light box - two coats
Overall, I like these both and will continue using them.  I will most likely repurchase Absence but not sure if I would grab Presence again.  Maybe over time it will thicken up and become opaque in one coat?  Guess time will tell.

Both of these polishes are currently sold out but keep checking the Pretty Serious Cosmetics site for when they pop back up.

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