Emily de Molly Limited Edition Cremes (December 2019) - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 9 January 2020

I'm keeping up with my New Year's goals....well one of them really.  One of my goals was to finish swatching all of the polishes that I purchased last year.   This is definitely going to be an easy thing to achieve because the only things I have left to swatch are the Emily de Molly Cremes and Toppers that were released in December.  With that said, I have the three cremes to share with you today.

LE192 is a medium sandy brown creme.  I can't say that this colour is a favourite of mine but it's still nice and definitely would be great in nail art.  The formula is amazing and was opaque for me in one coat.

LE193 is a medium green creme.  This one is easily one of my favourites.  I am a huge fan of the colour and again the formula is amazing.  My swatch shows one coat.

LE194 is a dark navy creme.  Now if I was only allowed to pick one favourite from these three polishes then this is definitely the one I would pick (look at me being able to really pick out my favourites).  The colour is gorgeous and the formula is one coat perfection.

I love Emily de Molly cremes.  They are easily some of my favourite cremes of all times.  The colours are great and the formulas are so easy to work with.  I highly recommend them if you have never tried them before.

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