Lilypad Lacquer Color4Nails Facebook Exclusive Duo - Swatches & Review

Monday, 25 April 2016

It's been such a loooong time since I have purchased any Lilypad Lacquer (excluding the ones that come in the few What's Indie Box that I have purchased).  It's not because I don't like what they have been releasing it's because the store is either closed or I simply miss them when they are released (or don't have the money for them is more so what it is).  Recently, however I did get my hands on the stunning duo that was made for the Color4Nails Facebook Group.

This Heart Of Mine is a blue based polish with pink and violet shimmer and colour changing chrome flakies.  This polish is stunning.  I absolutely love it.  The formula is easy to use, however I did find the colour a little sheer for my personal taste.  Even after three coats (which is shown in my swatch) I could still see through the tips in direct light.  You can kind of see the shimmer in my pictures (for those new to my blog my camera doesn't like purples especially when they are with a blue) but the shimmer can easily be seen in person.

Wreckless Intentions is a purple based polish with blue and violet shimmer and colour changing chrome flakies.  Another stunning polish.  The formula on this one was easy to use and definitely wasn't as sheer in colour as This Heart Of Mine.  If you don't mind a slight visible nail line then you can get away with two coats of this one.  I used three coats for my swatch.

This duo is simply awesome.  I absolutely love it.  I believe that it's no longer available anymore but I could be wrong.  I picked it up when Color4Nails were selling them to raise money for a charity (sorry I can't remember the exact details).

There are some other Lilypad Lacquer store exclusives available at Color4Nails and of course you can find Lilypad Lacquers on their site as well.

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