Confessions Of A Nail Polish Addict

Thursday, 14 April 2016

I have seen the Confessions Of A Nail Polish Addict tag a few times over the years (well it seems like it has been around for years) but I have seen in again a few times in the last couple of days.  It seems like fun and I thought why not join in?  It's something a little different (and fun I hope) for my blog and it may help you get to know me a little better.

1.  What polish are you wearing on your nails (and toes) right now?
I'm currently wearing piCture pOlish's Mad Magenta and Totes, which I then stamped with Bundle Monster BM-S301(from the Festival Collection - I will have some swatches and a review of this collection soon).

Currently on my toes I am wearing Orly Scenic Route.  Such a stunning colour.  I am not a foot fan so I won't be sharing any feet pics.  But I have included the swatch I have done previously for a colour reference (and no I don't normally have "matching" nails and toes).

2. What is the one nail product you can't live without?
The most popular answer to this seems to be cuticle oil.  I'm going out on my own here and saying Seche Vite top coat.  It's fast drying and makes all manis super shiny!  I go through so many bottles of this stuff it's crazy.  If this question was asking for nail care products then I would definitely say cuticle oil - in the pen form.  I love those.

3.  What is your favorite brand of nail polish (mainstream and indie)?
Favorite mainstream brands are OPI and China Glaze.  Favorite indie would have to Femme Fatale Cosmetics.  That all being said there are sooooo many other amazing brands out there and I love them all but these three are definitely the biggest brands in my collection.

4.  What nail shape do you wear (short or long)?
The answer to this really varies.  It usually depends on breakages (which luckily for me doesn't happen too often) and laziness.  I hate filing my nails.  Is anyone else like that?  Anyway, for the most part I would say mid length and square (with slightly rounded corners so they aren't sharp).

5.  What is your go to colour?
Completely changes depending on my mood.  I usually reach for something bright and probably in pinks and purples more so than anything else.  I've actually recently done a post which goes through my most used polishes over the last few years.  You can check it out here if you are interested.

6.  What is your favorite nail polish texture?
Now this question is hard!  I like them all.

7.  What's on your nail polish wishlist?
I have a few things on my wishlist at the moment.  I'll say at the top of the list (read as this will be my next purchase) is the soon to be released Palace Collection from Powder Perfect.  I also really want to try some of the stamping polishes from BLoves Plates and OPI Alice Through The Looking Glass Collection (this collection doesn't hit Australia until August so it will sit on my wishlist for a little while).  Oh and Glam Polishes latest collection.  I think I need that in my life too.  

8.  When do you normally paint your nails (morning, afternoon or evening)?
I paint my nails in the evening once my daughter is in bed.  If I am swatching holos or have some spare time I will paint my nails during the day but that isn't as often.

9.  What's your top nail tip you swear by?
I'm stuck on this one.  I honestly can't think of one.  I may need to come back to this one at some point.

10.  What nail polish do you regret buying?
I wouldn't say it was a regret but Celestial Cosmetics Orion is the most disappointing polish I have brought.  I remember seeing the swatches and drooling over it.  I managed to grab one for me and a friend and was so disappointed when it arrived.  It was completely different to the swatch that was used to advertise it. 

11. Pastels or neons?  Brights or darks?
This is purely based on what day you get me on.  I love neons and pastels, and pastel neons!  I do definitely prefer brights over darks but I do love a good dark polish in winter.

12.  What is your holy grail white, black and nude polishes?
Now this is easy.  White is definitely OPI Alpine Snow and black is Celestial Cosmetics Apocalypse.  As for nudes I tend to grab OPI My Vampire Is Buff the most.

13.  What is the one brand you want to try but haven't yet?
For stamping polishes Bloves Plates.  For regular polish I have no clue.  Maybe something high end like Dior.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post.  Let me know what is a brand you want to try but haven't yet.  I am curious to know.  


  1. Tracey I love this post & I also posted this tag on my blog, how funny that we both re-discovered it at the same time :)
    It so great finding a little more about about the blogger behind the nails xx
    Vicky @thepolishlist

    1. Hi Vicky, I did see your post which inspired me to do my own. I have mainly seen the tag going around on youtube and debated doing it as a blog post but then read yours and loved it so thought why not join in too. It's always great learning more about other bloggers. We may need to find some more tags :)

  2. I am not great about filing my nails and my favorite nail shape is square. Is your husband supportive of your nail hobby? Mine is mostly. I love learning more about you and your nails!!

    1. He is very supportive which is nice. I think he wishes sometimes that I did my nails less but he is still great about it. He was actually all for me just buying another set of drawers rather than destashing. Such a good man.

    2. That is awesome!! I am about to need another set of drawers also!!

    3. Yay for another set of drawers and growing room for more polishes. I am sure there will come a day where I will buy another set but that is on hold for now :)