Essie Autumn Collection 2015 - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 14 May 2015

I had been eyeing off swatches on Instagam of the new limited edition Essie Autumn collection (which I believe is the Fall 2014 collection for the international guys) and just knew I needed to track it down.  I went into Priceline a couple of weeks back because I needed a new clean up brush and it just so happened that there was 20% off the entire Essie range.  So hello new pretties for me.  Now they only had five of the six polishes in stock so that is all I grabbed.  There is also a red one which I will have to grab to add to my collection. (EDIT: I managed to pick up Dress To Kilt.  You can see my swatch and review here).

Now to save me from repeating myself I'm just going to say that the formulas of these are awesome!  I love that Essie now have the wider brushes (the older small brushes use to drive me insane) so application is easier.  These polishes all apply evenly and are nearly all one coaters.

Fall In Line is described as a enigmatic jade green.  I absolutely love, love, love this one.  It's doesn't photographic very accurately.  It's actually a little more muted than it appears in my picture.  I used one coat for my swatch.

Partner In Crime is a rich dark chocolate.  I'm surprised how much I like this one.  I'm not normally a fan of browns.  My swatch shows one coat.

Style Cartel is described as an inky cobalt blue.  Great colour and fantastic formula.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Take It Outside is describes as a punchy, fresh taupe.  It definitely is fresh.  I really love this colour.  I think it would be a great palette cleanser if you need a break from colour.  I used two coats for my swatch.

The Perfect Cover Up is described as a powerful peacock teal.  Beautiful colour and amazing formula.  I used one coat for my swatch.

I am in love with this collection.  I use to skip over Essie polishes (not because I didn't like the colours but because I found the formulas a little hit and miss and the skinny brush drove me nuts) but now with the new brushes I think I am going to start welcoming more and more Essie's into my polish family.  Hopefully they will continue with these amazing formulas.  I am truly in love with them all but if I had to pick favorites I would say Fall In Line and Take It Outside.

These polishes are limited edition so you need to get in quick.  I found mine instore at Priceline (I haven't actually seen them online).  

If there are any comparisons you would like to see with this collection, let me know in the comments.

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