New Essence Gel Polishes for April - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 19 March 2015

With the autumn/winter season approaching us Essence have released a lot of new and exciting products ranging from nude eye shadows, new mascaras, lipsticks and lip glosses and oh course nail polish.  I was lucky enough to receive two of the new gel polishes along with the base coat and top coat to swatch and review. 

Now before jumping into my review I should point out that my experience with gel polishes is very minimal.  I have only tried the Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Polishes and they didn't require a base coat as it's built in.  Essence have released a base and top coat to go along with the new range of polishes. I haven't tried these with regular polishes but I am interested to see if they would extend the wear time.

I found the base coat to be very thick and lumpy.  It did take a little bit of work to try and smooth it out (which apparently I didn't completely do - but more on that later).  It dries relatively quick which I was surprised about given how thick the consistency is.  It also has a matte finish.

The top coat was reasonably thick but easy to work with.  I found that it was touch dry in about a minute but took a lot longer to be fully dry.  It gives a nice glossy finish but not as shiny as Seche Vite.

Now onto the colours.  4 Ever Young is a bright red creme.  It applies well and gives even coverage.  It does dry slower than a regular polish so you really need to wait longer between coats.  If you notice on my middle finger there appears to be lumps.  This is from the base coat - I must not have smoothed it out enough.  I used two coats for my swatch.

Our Sweetest Day is a really pretty light pink shimmery polish.  It really is pretty but it is so sheer in colour that I needed four thick coats for my swatch.  I probably should have done a fifth because I still have a slightly visible nail line (it's more noticeable in person).  I found that this polish also seemed to bubble a lot which I am guessing is due to how thick my layers are.   

Now to semi test the wear-ability of these I did leave 4 Ever Young on my nails for 24 hours.  I went about my usual day of cleaning and running around after my daughter and didn't have any tip wear.  So that was a good thing.  I do change my polish daily so I can't actually comment on the length of time that these polishes will last.

I believe that these will be available very soon (if they aren't already out) so it may be worth checking out your local Essence stand. 


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