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Sunday, 22 March 2015

I am always on the hunt for good polishes that stamp so the day that I saw the Emily de Molly were releasing four stamping polishes I just had to grab each colour.  I mean the other polishes Emily de Molly make are amazing and the stamping plates are awesome so surely that means that the stamping polishes had to be fantastic too, right?  

For the purpose of this review I thought it would be fair to use both a plate by Emily de Molly and a plate by Winstonia.  I have used both plates and images previously and used my regular stamper to ensure that these things wouldn't affect my review of the polish.  And of course I stamped over black and white polishes so you can see the what the colour pay off is like on both light and dark polishes.

Blue isn't a creme stamping polish.  It actually has a shine to it, but I wouldn't class it as metallic.  The colour itself is stunning and it stamps beautifully.

Green is a similar finish to Blue.  This one nearly has a shimmery look to it in person.  It's really pretty.  Again, this one stamps beautifully over both black and white.

Lemon is pale yellow creme stamping polish.  Now I know that the yellow is actually hard to see over the white base but I wanted to keep the consistency of the base colours.  This one surprised me at how well it stamps over the black.  I do wish that it was more opaque though.

Pink is the final colour that has been released.  It has a creme finish like Lemon and stamps really well.

Overall I really like these stamping polishes.  I am really hoping that Emily de Molly releases more stamping polishes in a variety of colours and finishes.  I know I would definitely be grabbing them.

These stamping polishes are available from Emily de Molly in both a 8ml and 12ml size.

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