Grace-full Nail Polish Dreamy Beach Collection - Swatches & Review - Part 2 Crellies

Monday, 9 March 2015

I am back with part two of the Grace-full Nail Polish Dreamy Beach collection.  The first part of this collection is eight gorgeous pastel cremes (if you would like to see my swatches and review you can see them here).  Today I am showing you the crellies.  Like the others in this collection, these polishes are all named after woman/girls that are important in Theresa's life.

Now to save time on repeating myself about the formula of these I'll just let you know now.  They are all fantastic.  They apply easily with no fishing required for the glitters.  They have a great amount of glitter and the colours build up perfectly in two coats.

Charlie is a mint green based polish with dusty pink and copper glitter in dots and hexes of various sizes.  

Olivia is a baby pink crelly with magenta and lime dots and hex glitters, and small iridescent glitters as well.

Sarah is described as a green turquoise crelly with blue and gold holographic glitters throughout.  It also has a rainbow changing iridescent glitter.

Susie is a lavender crelly with violet and bright pink holographic glitters, iridescent glitter and micro gold holographic glitters throughout.

I absolutely love the crellies in this collection.  In fact, I love the whole Dreamy Beach Collection.  They are all stunning.  I can't even pick a favorite from them.  

The entire Dreamy Beach collection is available from Grace-Full Nail Polish and are $9.50 each. 

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