China Glaze Road Trip Collection - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Today I am super excited to share with you my swatches and review of China Glaze's Road Trip collection.  When I receive these in the mail I drooled over the colours.  They all look so pretty.  I just knew that I had to try them all as soon as possible (something that doesn't happen all that often in a collection as large as mine) and review them.

To save me from repeating myself multiple times throughout this post I figured I'll give you a quick overview on the formulas.  I found that the formula on the majority of this collection was quite runny (to the point of dripping straight off the brush) and applied patchy and streaky.  I have some seen some other reviews who didn't appear to have the same issues as I did with these polishes so I am guessing that I either got a bad patch or have issue with the formulas because of my curved nails. For me, I will continue to use a polish with a formula I don't like if I love the colour enough.  

Boho Blues is described as a soft indigo blue creme and OMG! this colour is to die for.  It's definitely one of my all time favorite blues.  This polish has one of the better formulas in this collection.  My swatch is of two coats.

Dashboard Dreamer is described as a powder blue shimmer.  While the formula was a little patchy and had the tendency to slide off my nails, the colour itself is beautiful.  The shimmer isn't very obvious by under certain lights gives the polish a beautiful glow.  I used three coats for my swatches.

Picture taken in lightbox

Picture taken in direct sunlight

I Brake For Colour is described as a bright red-pink creme.  The formula of this one is good.  I didn't have any of the patchiness or running issues that I did with some of the others in this collection.  I used two coats for my swatch.

License & Registration Pls is described as a marine blue creme.  The formula on this one was rather unusual.  It is runny so drips off the brush quickly but it doesn't slide off the nails like some of the other polishes in this collection.  If you are careful you could probably get away with one coat.  I used two coats for my swatch.

More To Explore is described as being a soft coral creme.  I absolutely adore this colour.  It's bright without it being neon and just a really pretty colour.  It applies patchy on the nails so you need to be careful not to go over the same spot multiple times.  I used three coats for my swatch.

My Way Or The Highway is described as a bright turquoise creme. Surprisingly I don't actually have anything like it in more collection.  Now this polish may actually stain nails.  I didn't use a base coat and it appeared to leave a slight stain behind and I only had it on for about half an hour.  So definitely wear a base coat.  My swatch shows two coats.

Pack Lightly is described as a powder peach shimmer.  This is another really pretty colour but unfortunately it has one of the worst formulas in this collection.  My swatch shows four coats, which were really patchy and streaky.

Picture taken in lighbox

Picture taken in direct sunlight
Pinking Out The Window is a salmon pink creme. The formula isn't the greatest but definitely wasn't the worst.  It applied slightly streaky and needed three coats for full even coverage.

Pop The Trunk is described as a bright orange creme.  I had no issues with the formula on this one.  It applied easily and only needed two coats.

Sun's Up Top Down is a bright yellow shimmer.  I'm not a fan of this one at all.  The formula was really patchy and streaky and need four coats for even coverage.

Picture taken in lightbox

Picture taken in direct sunlight

Trip Of A Lime Time is a lime green creme.  This is a two to three coat polish depending on your application.  I used two overall but I did need extra polish on some nails because of the patchiness.

Wanderlust is described as a powder purple shimmer.  Again, this is a really pretty colour but the formula is a pain to work with.  I used three coats for my swatches.
Picture taken in lightbox

Picture taken in direct sunlight

This collection has some beautiful colours in it but some of the formulas are just hard to work with.  Am I the only one that will deal with horrible formulas if the colour is super pretty?  My picks from this collection are definitely Boho Blues and More To Explore.  I have used both of these a few times now and fall in love with the colours over and over again.  I will be posting some swatch comparisons in the next couple of days.  If there are any polishes that you would like compared let me know in the comments below.

I'm not entirely sure where in Australia sells China Glaze but I always get mine from Head2Toe Beauty.


  1. I wonder if it is to do with curvy nails as I have the same issue of it running off my nails sometimes but have never seen it described before! Well I will put with formula issues for the colour (Models Own....) so the Boho Blues, Dashboard Dreamer and More to Explore are musts. I will have to pass on the yellow!

    1. That's the only thing I can think of. The other reviews that I have seen have never mentioned the polish sliding off but then their nails never look as curved as mine. Yet another thing that sucks about having curved nails :( But yes I most definitely recommend Boho Blues and More To Explore. I think they are amazing colours. Dashboard Dreamer is super pretty too. In fact the whole collection is really pretty, its just the formulas that disappointed me.