Celestial Cosmetics March 2015 Releases - Swatches & Review

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Today I am excited to share with you six of the nine new releases by Celestial Cosmetics.  There is a range of different polishes (colours and types) in this release so there is definitely something for everyone. 

Angelic Astra is a dark purple creme.  Beautiful colour and perfect for the colder months.  The formula is good and is opaque in two coats.

Betelgeuse is a purple/green duochrome full of gold to green microglitter.  Now this is by far my favorite that I have from this release.  It is also one of the trickiest to capture the colour shift but the shift is a little more noticeable in person.  I used two coats for my swatches.

Picture taken in lightbox

Picture taken in direct sunlight

Picture taken indoors

Picture taken outdoors in the shade
Garnet Star is a red/orange/gold multichrome filled with blue/purple shifting microglitter.  The colour shift in this isn't as strong as others but it is noticeable in certain lights.  The formula is great and is opaque in two coats.

Sunspots is a bright yellow creme.  I found the formula of this one to be really patchy and streaky.  I needed four coats to smooth it out and make it opaque.  I think using white undies might be the best option for this one next time.

Vegas Sparks is a shimmery base packed full of lavender and gold flakies.  This one is quite pretty and definitely really shimmery.  Careful application is definitely recommended as clean up of the shimmer is rather challenging.  I needed four coats for my swatch to be opaque.  I plan on layering this one in the future because I think it will look really pretty over a darker creme base.

Wing Of Navi is a blue jelly packed with navy, sapphire, teal and polar blue glitters in varying sizes.  When I swatched this on my swatch sticks I noticed that the base colour is quite sheer so I used a thick first coat and used a dabbing technique to help build up the colour.   I need three coats to remove any signs of a visible nail line.  

There are definitely some pretty polishes in this release (including the ones that I don't have - but will most likely be purchasing at some point in the near future).  My picks from the ones I received are definitely Betegeuse and Angelic Astra.

These polishes along with the other new releases will be available to purchase from  Celestial Cosmetics on March 1st.