Uberchic Beauty Edge Perfection - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

I've got lots of new things to play with at the moment - polishes, stamping plates... and the new Edge Perfection from Uberchic Beauty.  Edge Perfection is a low odor polish barrier designed to make clean-up around the nails easier than ever.  I am no stranger to the whole nail barrier thing (although I have only tried one - it's my go to) so I was quite curious to try this one.

Image from Uberchic Beauty
The brush on Edge Perfect is quite small are flat which means that you can apply the product quite preciously.  The product applies on blue and dries to be relatively clear.  Now to give this a good test (and without scaring you all with my lovely stained naked nails) I used a white base (and cleaned up using acetone and a clean up brush) and then messily applied black polish.

Edge Perfection doesn't give a really clean line near the cuticles like when you use a clean up brush and acetone but it does a pretty good job.  Personally I will continue to apply my polish the way I always have (my polish application isn't as terrible as it looks in these photos.  I just wanted to go extra messy to see what happened).  It will be great for when I do my stamping and gradients etc.

Edge Perfection is available now from Uberchic Beauty.

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