Uberchic Beauty Mermaid Life Nail Stamping Plate - Swatches & Review

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Hi, my name is Tracy and I love stamping!  I seem to have had a bunch of stamping related products all grouped together here on my blog.  Normally I try and get a balance happening between nail art and swatches but apparently this is not the case at the moment.  But yay for lots of nail art on my blog at the moment!  Anyway, today I have swatches and a review of the recently released (well probably not so recently released.  It was over a month ago now I think) Mermaid Life stamping plate from Uberchic.  Who doesn't love mermaids and all things magical?  I know I do.  There types of things usually call for lots of colours and sparkles!  Seriously what is not to love?

Image from Uberchic Beauty
As you can see this plate is full of lots of very cute individual images.  Not usually my go to thing but I really love the large mermaid image towards the bottom of the plate which I just had to use.  Now as you see from my mani I had some issues with the decal I made.  It's a common problem that I have which is why you don't see me doing many stamping decal manis. So let's just pretend that the mermaid turned out perfectly.  For this mani I used China Glaze For Audrey, Too Yacht To Handle, At Vase Value and Nfu Oh 54 on three of my nails.  For my accent nail I used China Glaze At Vase Value as my base, Powder Perfect's Black Stamping Polish, OPI Over The Taupe, My Vampire Is Buff and China Glaze That's Shore Bright.

Picture taken in light box
I feel in love with the idea of the mani above but because that turned out to be a bit of a fail I saved it with this next mani.  For the base I smooshed together China Glaze At Vase Value, Too Yacht Too Handle and For Audrey and then sponged on Nfu Oh 54.  I then stamped over it using Dance Legend Mint and China Glaze Adore.  This mani does look really pretty in person.

Picture taken in direct sunlight

Picture taken in light box
For my last mani  I really couldn't go past the shell image at the bottom of the plate.  For this mani I used the entire Pastel Pets Collection from Pretty Serious Cosmetics and stamped using Powder Perfect's White Stamping Polish.

Picture taken in light box
Like with all other Uberchic plates I own, all the images on this plate stamp really well.  I do like that this plate as a mix of mermaids and pirate themes in it.  For me personally I wish there was a few more full sized images though.  

The Mermaid Life Stamping Plate is available from Uberchic Beauty.


  1. I love your reverse stamping. It is easier the more you do it. It's my favorite technique but I am not perfect at it either.

    1. Thanks Christy. I know it's just practice but I get so frustrated and feel like I am wasting my time when I have nothing to show for the time spent on them. Maybe next year I'll make more of an effort to try. I do love the overall result of decals