Powder Perfect Lighting Lady & Mattificent Top Coats - Swatches & Review

Friday, 10 June 2016

Powder Perfect have recently released a number of new nail care item and polish collections, and there is more coming very, very soon!  Today I have their matte top coat Mattificent and the soon to be released Lightning Lady top coat.  Now before I get into my review of the actual top coats I should give you a "background" information on what I look for in a top coat.  Really there are three things for me - fast drying, doesn't smudge nail art and is glossy (unless it is a matte top coat then obviously I want it to be matte).

Lightning Lady Top Coat is described as a glossy and fast drying top coat that will smooth out glitter polishes and make your cremes supremely shiny.   It is a 5 free formulation that glides easily over colour polishes and helps to extend the wear time of your manicure.  As you may or may not know I change my nails daily so I really can't comment on wear time for any polishes.  
I have tried this top coat over a couple of manis.  Firstly I tried it over a stamped mani.  I waited longer than I usually do, used a very light hand and floated the top coat across the mani and unfortunately it smudged terribly.  I definitely don't recommend it for manis with nail art.  In terms of gloss factor, it does ok.  It's not as glossy as Seche Vite or Powder Perfect's Champagne Shine (I have a review of this here).  The dry time was ok.  I would say it was touch dry in two to three minutes.

I also tried Lightning Lady over a glitter polish (see in the second picture).  I used Powder Perfect's In My Dreams, which as you can see it's a particularly glitter heavy polish so isn't as textured as a glitter heavy polish would be.  I actually needed two coats of Lightning Lady to give the mani a completely smooth finish.

Mattificent Top Coat is described as a matte top coat.  Who doesn't love matte nails every now and again?  I quite like Mattificent.  It's easy to use and turns manis matte.  Now it does say that it doesn't smudge nail art.  I always use a glossy top coat before a matte top coat, mainly so that my mani dries quicker but I always fear that a matte top coat will smear.  That being said I haven't tried this top coat directly on any nail art.

Mattificent Top Coat is available now from Powder Perfect's Australian Site and from the International Site.

Lightning Lady Top Coat is available June 15th at 7pm AEST from Powder Perfect's Australian Site and from June 15th at 7pm EST from the International Site.
What do you look for in a top coat?


  1. Love a topcoat review, although nothing will get me away from my Glossy Glam & Seche Vite obsession, it's nice to see others out there. Love the name Mattificent, it makes me think of Maleficent xxx

    1. I've never tried Glossy Glam. I'm definitely a Seche Vite girl and have been for years and years. I can't imagine I will change from it any time soon.